Walmart uses Vechain (VET) to drastically improve food safety

Walmart just deployed their Blockchain Traceability Platform using the Vechain Blockchain. How does this improve food safety in China and why do we need Blockchain / Vechain. Current transactions can be seen on the Toolchain Explorer.

Vechain’s Medium Article:

Walmart China Announcement:

Vechain Transactions:

Vechain Toolchain:

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40 replies
  1. shiny x
    shiny x says:

    Hmm, usually when your skin crawls, that is a bad thing…it means you are creeped out. Maybe you use that phrase differently than we do in the US…

  2. Psychol
    Psychol says:

    Shitcoin! don't buy this crap, Boxmining is a youtube shill, don't waste opportunity to get rich during a crypto bull run buying a dead shitcoin. Buy Bitcoin, Chainlink and Beam and you're ready to go and not some X Men Wolverine bagholding nodes.

  3. EQ Games
    EQ Games says:

    Dumb publicity stunt.
    1. Walmart already had all of this info on their existing supply chain system. They could have made it public via a QR code for over a decade if they wanted to.
    2. If you don’t trust Walmart’s existing supply chain system to give you real info, there are a million and one ways to cheat this vechain system too.

  4. francis james
    francis james says:

    I love vechain. But it is the biggest stain on my portfolio. This most recent pump doesn't even come close to what I sold it for last month. You don't want to know what I paid for it. Vechain has been posting good news for almost 2 years but their token is in the toilet. Until I start seeing some consistent green candles I'm not going anywhere near it.

  5. French inSH
    French inSH says:

    Some people argue about the use of a public blockchain, and say why not using a consortium/private blokchain. I think it has to be clarified: The advantage of a public blockchain compare to a private database or consortium blockchain is the total immutability ( no data reversal possible). Fraud can still happen at data input level but in case of a food scandal, there is no post-scandal data tempering possible. We will know for sure which supplier has made wrong imput level ( as they are time-stamped on the blockchain ). Public blokchain increase the level of authenticity and responsability for the suppliers compare to a private/consortium blockchain ( where data reverseability is always possible through blackmail and/or pressure) . the added value provided by public blockchain push those big companies in building on vechain. This implication is much bigger than only China, this will implemented worldwide so that accountability will get improved at every level for food safety/anti pollution / carbon bank and so on . bullish on Vechain, they built that prior to everybody else !

  6. CSI
    CSI says:

    Walmart will use Vechain to give the appearance that their food is “safe”. Walmart has never been concerned with that. Just saying… It’s great for business though.

  7. Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega says:

    Thanks Michael for that update, great news !!! Unfortunately my VET balance is still 75% down from January/February 2018 ( It was VEN back then ), gogogogogogo VET !

  8. Emm See
    Emm See says:

    Blockchain improving all industries, not just finance!
    I really think we'll see a big shift in trust when Pledgecamp's platform is launched in August!

  9. Hanan Yariv
    Hanan Yariv says:

    This is massive – I just hope more f&b suppliers would use this (METRO, im looking at you!), until then, Walmart – you got me as your new customer. finally can be 100% sure that my wine and Jack Daniel's are legit! 😀

  10. Shalom Dunn
    Shalom Dunn says:

    20k btc by the end of next month. Global interbank messaging giant SWIFT has revealed it will allow blockchain firms to make use of its Global Payments Innovation (GPI) platform for near real-time payments.

  11. bola emmanuel
    bola emmanuel says:

    Another PUMP scam in the making with Boxmining as one of the usual architects. I'm guessing you will visit Walmart to make a video like you did with Waltoncoin right. Yeah right. Funny Scam.

    And I'm guessing this news is only in China right. Exactly. Of all the Blockchain infrastructure available, you mean Walmart would use a project that doesn't even have comple comits on GitHub right. You're really funny


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