Cryptocurrency Green Sea Early Monday Morning – Will it Hold?

Good news to report to you all we have a cryptocurrency Green Sea to report early Monday morning. Will it Hold? Well thats yet to be seen but Bitcoin and the Altcoins are looking like they are green and friendly so far to start the week. Enough to smile.


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  1. john scott
    john scott says:

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  2. Jeff Foster
    Jeff Foster says:

    Glad to see sea of green. I have to say tho when I was taking some of my alt coins off binance to my hard wallet they charged me 178 tron out of 500 I was transferring and 68 of 400 of another! Ridiculous! Almost might as well leave it on the exchange til I sell it.

  3. Julio P
    Julio P says:

    I'm a pro HODLer, didn't sell a damn thing even after that sub 300 Billion dip, and i lost 60% to 70% of my blockfolio. I'm still buying the lows and HODLing like a leprechaun. I still think we are gonna hit 5K BTC, buy then ill buy more : ) Good videos Jeff !


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