THIS JUST IN! Bitcoin breaks five-figures for the first time in over a year. Evil conglomerate Facebook is developing its own stablecoin. In a rare moment of honesty, Craig Wright remarks about having read Satoshi’s whitepaper.

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  1. Un Known
    Un Known says:

    Who in their right mind would trust anyone to create money out of thin air backed by nothing…oh it is dark and twisted…same thing the fed has done with the dollar – reduce it value by 85% since 1913…Soyberg can call his users stupid mother fuckers – that's never going to be trusted since the platform already discriminates against people it doesn't politically agree with.

  2. RIKZY
    RIKZY says:

    the answer is and always will be bitcoin… some other alts might work out like eth or xrp or whatever, but the main big daddy will always be btc

  3. LaZieGoblin
    LaZieGoblin says:

    You realy think we come here because of BTC going to 10k? We have enough people making clickbait shit already. Good to see you didn't bother mentioning it in the title, you're probably the only one who didn't 😀 See you in 2 months!


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