Daily: Whale shown to crash market / Binance FUD / Ontology

The Trustee for Mt Gox has been shown to crash the market multiple times by placing large sell orders.
0:50 Market Analysis
1:33 MtGox Strikes back
3:37 Binance irregulate trading / phishing summary
6:13 WTF is Ontology

Mt Gox Trustee Bitcoin Sales: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/82qdgm/i_have_to_say_given_the_circumstances_the_market/

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27 replies
  1. Gigaloader
    Gigaloader says:

    Can you imagine how much the price of Bitcoin would drop if Satoshi would unload all of his 1 mill Bitcoin! That would make MT Gox Trustees unloading look like childs play. Bitcoin would go to single digits ……Long life the King Satoshi Nakamoto our new central banker….and don't forget to buy some Bitcoin ;). One day you will remember reading this post while you hold an empty bag.

  2. Mayfield Jukes
    Mayfield Jukes says:

    Absolutely NOT business as usual to have a trustee sell via a market order on the open market.
    It would be one thing if, Nobuaki Kobayashi, had sold at auction on a dark market – as is business as usual. However, this fund manager, or "trustee," who is not holding a vast amount of BTC due to their own speculation and risk – decided to act entirely out of character and specifically sell the value down. You know why? Because Bitcoin is a significant threat to the corrupt "business as usual" plaguing financial industries & markets worldwide.

    Bix doesn't hold back, check out how he presents the information:

  3. NoelSphinx
    NoelSphinx says:

    Can't really fantom this. First MtGox dies and takes a whole lot of good folks' money with it. Now it's ghost is back on a haunting spree crashing the entire crypto markets at will. An that's not the end of it. This damn ghost could linger for a while and no one seem to know for how long and how dire the effects might be. Damn. I think MtGox is the devil itself!

  4. Yuchen Pan
    Yuchen Pan says:

    those people who are hodling are already sick in their stomach watching their portfolio tanking 60-80%, they will sell and escape instead of buying low due to fear and no fiats, and that's when the real crash comes, this is just the beginning. Let see if they can continue to hodl when we see BTC at 3k.


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