Is Facebook's Libra "Good for Cryptocurrency"?!

Libra. It seems like the whole damn world is talking about it right now. Facebook. Cryptocurrency. Buzzwords. World Domination. Government Overthrows. Shadow Banks. Let’s talk about what Facebook’s Libra means at a high level for the world of cryptocurrency and my general take on what Libra “means for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency” industry at this point.

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21 replies
  1. TruthNow88
    TruthNow88 says:

    Bitcoin = gold
    Litecoin = silver
    Libra = fiat
    When the banks shit the bed (coming soon) you will NOT want anything to do with fiat. Good luck Facebook/Libra… you're gunna need it!

  2. timkug
    timkug says:

    Well said. Facebook had the chance to do it right. They talked to at least 3 crypto projects (Stellar being the biggest); all turned them down based on principles. I hope public feedback convinces them to rethink making a centralized permissioned stable coin and just adopt true crypto instead.

  3. Reinaldo Kalachian
    Reinaldo Kalachian says:

    I will risk to say libra will solve the issues 90% of shitcoins have been promising for the past few years to solve and yet nothing has happened. The countdown for alts has started and you better start accumulating bitcoin, the only crypto worth holding for the long run. RIP ripple and their bagholders ( so funny to watch them buying money gram shares lmao so desperate)

  4. Rylee Ryleigh
    Rylee Ryleigh says:

    Libra is just another centralized shitcoin pretending to be a proper cryptocurrency, tbh. It is basically pointless, and won't solve any of the problems a proper stablecoin and cryptocurrency in general have set out to fix (for an example of a proper stablecoin, take a closer look at Reserve Protocol).

  5. Bhaven 01
    Bhaven 01 says:

    Fakebook can Suck It.
    Globalist Communist Censoring Trash.
    Desperate attempt at staying Relevant before bIG tEk gets broken up for violations against Constitution and Humankind.


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