Bitcoin Scaling Debate in a Nutshell

Bitcoin scaling has been a major debate of late, with the community divided over what changes to adopt. The time for indecision is over – two new proposals are setting a deadline for changes to take place.. or else. Find out what the core debate is, what are the proposals and what are the risks.

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34 replies
  1. pwsteves123
    pwsteves123 says:

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  2. Matthew Erwin
    Matthew Erwin says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for your videos and sharing your experiences. Based on your sharing of experience with Genesis Mining, I signed up today, using your code. Here's mine for consideration for the next upgrade: 1iIUq0 Trying this before trying to set up my own rig! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  3. Primeer
    Primeer says:

    I support Segwit2X, because I believe that's the only way to make both miners, and users happy. What's more important is Segwit2X is compatible with Bip 148.

  4. Tal Rasha
    Tal Rasha says:

    You are the Bruce Lee of the Cryptos 😀 BTW what are you going to do with your bitcoins ? Hold ? Sell ? Move some of them to LTC since is better scalable ??? Thx

  5. Urukhai
    Urukhai says:

    What about all the top altcoins? Do you expect bullish days for LTC, DASH, ETH ?

    Awesome channel Mikal! I learned a lot last vids. Awesome that you upload daily!

  6. neonone
    neonone says:

    I'm not exactly a core, segwit or usaf supporter, but at least those guys seem like normal tech guys who are interested in improving bitcoin. BU and Bitmain, on the other hand, seem much more interested in having total control over what we believe bitcoin is, and using low down dirty tricks to do it.

  7. Greg ketterman
    Greg ketterman says:

    Very well done. Thanks for explaining Segwit. I would like to see a debate between POW and POS. It appears that POW is not sustainable from an energy consumption point of view. If POS is so much more efficient, won't POW become obsolete?

  8. Paul Houghton
    Paul Houghton says:

    I dont get it.. Bitcoin is currently slow and expensive compared to just about any of the hundreds of sky currencies available. if the miners dont get their act together soon, all transactions will move to a different currency , in the long run the miners are shooting themselves in the foot.

  9. Cyle Yoakum
    Cyle Yoakum says:

    What I keep asking myself over and over is what would a Bitcoin hard fork do to other crypto-currencies? There Will be a variety of reactions, but will MOST new investors flock to other cryptos they feel are safer and can make more profit from, or will they abandon crypto in general believing the time has come to collect on their investments?

    Thoughts? Any examples of your answer already having happened in other situations would be especially helpful. We don't want random guesses, we all want and need. as much real insight as possible. Ty

  10. joewger
    joewger says:

    I am thinking that when the US passes the crypto regulatory bill, that you might see a major crypto correction and good entry point into the coin market.


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