Flip Phone Crypto Fun – Crypto Happy Hour

The crypo markets are down across the board, with red everywhere you look. Let’s talk about what’s happening in the markets as well as all of your Q&A. Grab a brew, water, coffee, whiskey.

Apologies for the tech issues and terrible picture quality. I’m currently travelling and the WiFi is not good (at all).


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  1. Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan says:

    helo bobby.. whats your review about DeepOnion? its new emerging privacy coin with TOR implemented and OBSF4 and Meek Integration. dev team is active on forum. can you review it? so that we can get this gem at cheap now and enjoy later

  2. Jeb Shookman
    Jeb Shookman says:

    Hi Bobby — I like you content, so don't get be wrong… But I think it is funny that you think trading a coinbase listing rumor is stupid but trading a crappy fork or airdrop is a good idea. Funny thing is, another good YouTuber I like (won't name him) said the exact opposite — he did the ripple trade and said that trading based on forks was stupid. Ha.

  3. MrAJC2287
    MrAJC2287 says:

    Mexican Billionaire is grabbing a big chunk of Alteum's ICO! South America is the sleeping giant here boys! They're working directly with the governments to bring latin Fiat into crypto. Zero trading fees for LIFE on the exchange for all ico contributors! You'll regret not jumping on this one! Alteum.io

  4. Steve Brown
    Steve Brown says:

    Hey Bobby love all your stuff, consume it religiously. Can you elaborate any further on this comment, "interesting stuff coming up soon that I'm going to share with you guys" in regards to DEXs? Been in the lab tracking Airswap, I have pilled the money into it over the last24 hours..

  5. vusal huseynli
    vusal huseynli says:

    Hi Bobby, fundamental question for you please. Do you think, as we blockchain evolves, the only useful token will be the platform's token? Eg, do you think all protocol and dapp tokens, such as Qlink, Raiden, etc will be unnecessary, since everyone can just use Neo for all those neo-based protocols and dapps? If blochchain services are to become mainstream, there must be convenience to the consumer. Owning a million different tokens like Qlink, Raiden, etc won't be convenient. To analogize, we don't own Amazon, eBay, Google Drive, facebook, YouTube tokens to use them. We use USD instead. Please make a video on this. Thanks!


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