Top Cryptocurrency Community Picks For 2018 – ETN, ADA, IOTA, XVG

Earlier today we posted to our social media, asking you, the community to give us feedback on what you think will be the top cryptocurrency in 2018. It appears, IOTA, Electroneum, Cardano, Verge and Tron are among your favorites. Also in this video we look at some of our recent videos making it to top gainers. KIN Token, EthLend, and Social Send.


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  1. Conner Mccarthy
    Conner Mccarthy says:

    Question: How would you advise someone to take full advantage of your recommendations? This has been said before, but there are so many recommendations coming out of this channel that it is difficult to continue funding new coins. At a certain point you simply cannot afford to invest any more money without pulling funds from another coin that you are HODLing unless your portfolio is generating HUGE profits (for the average person). It simply doesn't make sense to invest less than a few hundred dollars in most of these coin recommendations (ideally a few thousand if you believe in them) really see any serious gains and unless your portfolio is generating thousands a day it really doesn't seem sustainable to just keep buying new coins.

    my question is: how can "we" your followers bridge this obvious gap between your investment strategy (of having your hand in tons of different pots) that clearly requires a larger portfolio and where the majority of us new traders are at now (under 20k'ish)?…. We minnows simply can't afford to have our hands in so many different pots at once.. how can we consolidate best and how can we manage those few coins that we do have to maximize our gains besides just buying on dips and selling at peaks?

    Is there any advice you can give us on how to actually MANAGE that portfolio once we have our coins so we are seeing better short term and therefore long term gains? I hate just waiting around for the coins I'm holding to double while in the interim my collective portfolio undulates by almost 5k a day. I feel like there's a better more involved way of managing this and a more concise strategy you could be explaining to those who can't afford to be holding so many different coins.. I'm not necessarily talking about day trading but a video with some more detailed insight into portfolio management would be nice, as well as a more concesise strategy with new portfolio sizes closer to 15 or 20k. I've heard many others bring this up as well but I haven't seen you (or any of the new guys on the channel) talking about this. I'd love to see this channel on a new level (not just pumping out more videos).. IMHO quality over quantity.

    Maybe you should stick to the coins that this channels shares and the other two guys could focus more on portfolio management strategies or something else to help get us moving in a more solid direction once we've acquired some coins and profits? I really feel like 3 new vids a day on which altcoins to buy is to much.. and we are lacking in the department of actually managing those coins.

    PS Love the channel, thanks for your time.

  2. jody jones
    jody jones says:

    can you make a video about dogecoin feathercoin reddcoin potcoin verge coin blackcoin oh yeah and digibyte all these i invest in on coinomi wallet i got thanks great video

  3. R Sellers
    R Sellers says:

    Man please just go look at sumokoin. You don't have to do a video but just look at it for yourself. Wayyyyyy undervalued. Thanks for the awesome videos!!!

  4. wew2005
    wew2005 says:

    Jeff, please take a further look at Social Send before pumping that any further. It's go no mention of team on the site and I couldn't find any on LinkedIn either. The don't have a whitepaper even, just says "coming soon." And the github repo has very few commits of an substance at all.

  5. Russkiy Smiffy
    Russkiy Smiffy says:

    Not heard a single mainstream crypto youtuber talk about Maidsafe. Real shame because the project is a little too complex than most and haven't been marketed properly because the team are waiting till it's closer to launch before they market.

  6. Bob C
    Bob C says:

    Take look at CND Cindicator, competing with Auger. Awesome website. Volume is hugh…. building a solid base. Lots of room to grow. Reminds of why we bought Sonm vs Golem

  7. Loftis Party of Six - weROAM
    Loftis Party of Six - weROAM says:

    I’m wondering how to sell altcoins.. is it best to sell or trade it to btc or eth? I’m trying to maximize my profits! If I sold one altcoin I would put it back into another altcoin or rebuy on the dip. I can’t find any explanation on best practices for trading altcoins to btc vs eth! Thanks in advance! Love this channel!

  8. Peter Tulipan
    Peter Tulipan says:

    Wabi seems pretty good. Low supply, low market cap, real life use that attempts to tackle a massive problem in China with counterfeiting. And they already have the RFID tags on products in several stores. I can't find the downside except, perhaps, that Alibaba or other big Chinese companies could launch their own version. Maybe I'm missing something.I know you've talked about it, but any new thoughts on this one?

  9. Joe smith
    Joe smith says:

    A few things ….I was onto storm before anyone because like you I read lol. Secondly my pics for 2018 ETN ETN ETN,I think verge will do well but to many did monsters trying to ruin the coin….then I say the sleeping giant that will blow everyone out of the water is LTC , I know it's crazy but some big things coming to fruition for LTC , then I think qsp will have a solider year probably finish 2018 pretty strong, I think 2019 will be vertcoin year, but bullish on xrp,ada,wabi. Wabi makes no sense to 1st world people or institutions but let me put things in perspective 2nd and 3rd world make up 80% of the world population and massive fakes, frauds , and knock off products are huge as they have little to none standards or laws to protect genuine products and yes many of those products are sent to the west OEM Ford parts, to OEM bombardier aircraft parts yes they are copied faked and sold to western countries it has happened alot not just baby formula ….Oakley the Northface, all kinds of fakes and imposters wait until wabi catches on huge potential in 2018

  10. Jo L
    Jo L says:

    ADA is pumping! I knew I should've purchased more and $.30. Good video, but I'm invested in all of these. Not too sure about that ETN though? They better start removing their head from their asses.
    I am at a breakeven point right now. If their next to bit of news is not positive, or some BS about how we have good news coming out later, I'm out.


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