Bitcoin on this GIANT ship

Throw some Cryptocurrency on a Giant Ship and you get a crazy party – Blockchain Cruise 2019. We discuss the future of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the Oasis of the Seas Cruiseliner.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


20 replies
  1. Rob B.
    Rob B. says:

    5:30 Of course there are security tokens around. You don't have to have equity to be a security. Any dividend paying token is a security. Have a look into nexo.

  2. 4exgold
    4exgold says:

    great vid Michael, one of yr best. what is the best crypto credit card out there right now. Im a bit dispirited after investing in TENX and MNX which are both seriously floundering.

  3. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    When will we see all the founders etc visit a underserved market like a country in Africa etc. It would be awesome to see you all actually showing the general population apps etc that will help them transfer value. After all that is one reason Bitcoin was created correct? The wealthy and middle class who can afford to take these cruises pay to attend the seminars were not the main focus rather those in dire need! Am I mistaken?

  4. Wayne Walker
    Wayne Walker says:

    Thank you for your daily videos Boxmining!. Very Impressive. Bad information and perspective will cost your BITCOIN! Cryptocurrency is about freedom of choice and freedom of regulation and roadblocks PREVENTING YOU FROM OBTAINING PROSPERITY! The entire crypto ecosystem is designed to make as much money as possible. And if you are going to sit there and get caught up in the drama WHILE SOMEONE MAKES MONEY OFF OF YOUR VIEWS and YOU MAKE ZERO DOLLARS BECAUSE YOU PASS UP opportunity, then what are you doing in the crypto space. Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most! Excuse me to also say, I am also happy my portfolio has increased x2 due to Joseph Hill accurate trading signals and good graph recommendation. Mr Joseph Hill gives the best strategies and signals always. Get to to his Email on [Josehill293@gmail com] or via whatsapp/telegram: +1(941)363-1471 thank me later..^^*


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