Return of ICO Mania, Interesting Projects and Other Thoughts from Bitcoin Miami

I just returned from an interesting 3 days at the Bitcoin Miami conference, where I had a chance to meet with project founders, speak to developers and BIG time investors. Here are a few of my overall thoughts and takeaways from the event.

First of all, the return of ICO Mania is now in full swing. Seemingly everywhere you went, there was an ICO being pitched or person talking about doing an ICO. Also, I had a chance to speak with the teams at:

and many more..

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  1. Mr Ebenezar
    Mr Ebenezar says:

    How do you see the KYC requirements on the ICOs? I understand it but aren't you worried about sharing your personal ID information since it could be used for identity theft? How do you protect yourself from that when signing up for ICOs?

  2. Logan Kale
    Logan Kale says:

    Bobby I think you can look up WANCHAIN on EtherDelta ? Wallet's are for ICO Token holders onyl. There have yet to have a web or desktop wallet implemented.

  3. Adam Kamali
    Adam Kamali says:

    Why I have a feeling this whole ICO think it's one giant scam, it's like in the 80s when there were over 100 gaming consoles, in the end only 3 or 4 consoles made it.

    MEAN DEAN says:

    Awesome channel. As a brand new investor in the crypto market you have helped me more than you can imagine 🙂 It would have been easy for me to get carried away. Thanks for keeping my head level with your easy to understand advice. Keep up the great work C.B.

  5. XPopCornX
    XPopCornX says:

    Omar is a shill who is pumping smartcash because a guy from their team keeps donating 100 dollars to him in his live streams. He was very persistent about wanting to meet with Omar. Look at the coins graph.

  6. Hobart Davis
    Hobart Davis says:

    Oh, one more thing. Andreas Antonopoulos says that when the U.S. begins cracking down on crypto, the first people they will target are the ones driving Lambos with Bitcoin vanity plates.

  7. Hobart Davis
    Hobart Davis says:

    I love your videos Crypto Bobby and I still think one day you will quit your Fortune 500 day job to do this full-time. You'll be the Mad Money Jim Cramer of the crypto community. You just need lots of bells, whistles, and buzzers.

    Now I have a question. Did you happen to find out what happens to the coins we put up as collateral as well as the assets we purchased using a Salt loan, should Salt go bust? It seems to me that any intelligent investor would want to see strong loan underwriting in place before investing. To do otherwise, would mean that every 20 year old that says he/she has good credit because they paid their rent and utility bills on time for the past 6 months should qualify for a loan. Not to knock people in their 20's, it's just where they are in life. Are they checking FICO scores? Calculating debt/income ratios? Making sure the applicant is stable in their job and current place of residence, etc.? Verifying other assets? Have you seen a Salt loan application or finished contract?

  8. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Bobby, did you come away from this conference with any more, or any less confidence in a particular crypto then you had before attending? Thanks a lot

  9. Crypto G
    Crypto G says:

    Another great video. Thank's Rob
    I've been looking at trying to buy into ICO's. I bought into Crypterium… That is my first and hopefully it pays off.

  10. Jo L
    Jo L says:

    Great video…thanks, look forward to all you videos. Definitely one of my go to guys! I do have one question for you though, are you tired, or is that a crypto currency hangover you got going on LOL. I'm sure it was a blast!

  11. Jesse Jungleworld
    Jesse Jungleworld says:

    Thanks again for your knowledge and time! Was wondering if we could get your view eventually on how the Futures Contracts might of effected this last dip and what could happen in the market as new contracts start and others end.There's even a contract ending on Valentine's day. Lol


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