Interview with Randy Hilarski: Social Media, Token Magic ICO Hunter & Steemit

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Check out this interview with Randy Hilarski. He’s an expert with social media and has many big-name clients. Learn how he first joined Steemit and what his first experience was like blogging on the platform.
His future looks bright with the new venture called Token Magic. A company that will bring quality information for the best ICOs to their customers and provide marketing tools for ICOs that are vetted by the experts of Token Magic.


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  2. Cicero Flores
    Cicero Flores says:

    Great interview Heidi! I like how you get to the point of current crypto issues on your videos. I have shared some of your videos to friends of mine who are coming into the crypto world, like the ones where you explained the Forks, Segwit, OmiseGo. Thank you!


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