Bitcoin BREAKS $9000!! And I'm still Buying BTC

Bitcoin BREAKS above the $9000 Resistance. Huge movements in politics: US – China Trade War, HK Protests, Italy potentially leaving the EU – mean that we need a currency thats borderless and free from government !! I’m dollar cost buying Bitcoin.
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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


43 replies
  1. L K
    L K says:

    We should not worry about countries banning BTC, its their own depriment eventually when going into the future…
    Because there will always be countries that are pro Crypto and they will never ban but have integrated into their society.
    and those countries are perfect to go on vacation 😀

    Who cares about India anyways…india can bann crytpo..doesn't really matter in the end

    I always draw the same line as with cannabis.
    There will be countries that ban it and fight against it.
    But still it is being used in those countries
    There will be countries thata re pro cannabis : Holland
    WHere do you think potheads travel too if they have to pick?? ==>Holland

    ANd as of the last years, cannabis is legalized in some states in USA ..

    Same with doesn't matter what politics or countries do or laws do.

    Just as cannabis is from nature and trying to ban it is not easy…
    BTC is from the people and trying to ban it won't stop the usage of it.

    We have Japan/south korea, new zealand etc who are pro crypto and thats all we need for now. Countries that will NEVER ban it because they see the potential in it..

  2. Rick Hay
    Rick Hay says:

    Definitately want to hear more about Facebook's global coin. I think this will be the gateway crypto for over a billion people. Once they see how crypto's work they will quickly realize bitcoin and other decentralized crypto's are of higher value. How the heck want's to trust Facebook with their crypto that's based on a basket of fiat currencies. i.e. they likely can print global coin out of thin air like any other fiat. Not sure if that is true, but I suspect it will be like Etherium. Anyway, I look forward to any news on this you happen to find out.

  3. Fu S
    Fu S says:

    Opportunity buy DATP token it is very cheap and huge profits when reaches 1 cent, then use the profits to buy bitcoin, it is a good strategy to catch bitcoin train. Thank you for this knowledgeable video

  4. mnice59
    mnice59 says:

    Now I know why BTC is going up because the US has to get out of yet another exchange. It's a little scary because, don't think the US gov is letting us trade out of the goodness of their heart, their doing it for the 30+% it'll make off of it. It'll be interesting to watch once the sell off is done because this will be the prelude to when China figures it out!

  5. -ED- Bitcoin SV Channel
    -ED- Bitcoin SV Channel says:

    Try some criminal activity, see how regulation CAN get to you… you so have no idea what Bitcoin is and can do, Bitcoin is IMMUTABLE TRAIL EVIDENCE, its not your "freedom coin" where you can you can do whatever you want, break law and such, Bitcoin system actually exposes that and leaves trace to you. Also BTC is not Bitcoin, but again you have no idea about anything related to Bitcoin, you just see the label and those lies you feel for 🙂

  6. camXmile
    camXmile says:

    2:19 Yeah, and the problem with that is he can run away with the money once he receives it. We need a middleman/token to ensure that the other party is committed to do their part of the deal. 5:23 So you're buying BTC now? @9K? Didn't you buy enough @3K 4 months ago? Idk sounds kinda weird.


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