Daily: Will the Altcoin Bleedout end?

Will the Altcoin Bleedout end? Bitcoin has been rallying none stop this week, causing alt coins top drop in the process
1:10 Market Analysis (Will altcoin bleedout end?)
4:32 Interview with Javascript / Brave Founder Brendan Eich
6:17 Steam Stops Accepting Bitcoin
7:42 Australian Stock Exchange Will Become World’s First to Adopt Blockchain
8:30 5 Ledger Giveaway (Sponsored by CanYa)

Brendan Eich Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdMWn-tKx3o

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42 replies
  1. Tim Wu
    Tim Wu says:

    Hi! This Tim from Taiwan. I'm totally new to cryptocurrency. Thanks for your shows that make me comprehend all stuff so quickly. Do you consider adding Chinese captions I bet that would bring quite a lot audiences to boxmining.

  2. Jose Sobrinho
    Jose Sobrinho says:

    Bro, I enjoy your videos for months now!! I have made good choices buying IOTA and OMG, by listening to you!

    Look at BTCZ please. See how fast this coin transfers!!! And as Dash, Monero, it also have the private address/wallet.
    The best thing is: Its really decentralized, they dont allow ASIC, mining has good profits and the most important, its community driven coin! Please take a look at how organized they are in here: https://info.btcz.rocks

    Love your work man! thanks for everything!!

  3. August chris
    August chris says:

    I've been trading cryptos for 2 years now and I can say that over $150 billion dollars was made worldwide and has made millions of traders rich. I trade litecoin, bitcoin and the rest. With just half a bitcoin, you can make up to 5 bitcoins in a week. Feel free to email me via lovelyhenry66@gmail.com

  4. GP
    GP says:

    can you make a vid for the upcoming forks? How do we prepare for fork mania. Where should we be keeping our bitcoin and what's the safest way to collect the airdrops?

  5. Felix Tang
    Felix Tang says:

    Hi boxmining, will you accept the invitation to talk on msp radioshow? It is organized by @aggroed currently rank number 5 in steemit witness. Since this will boost your popularity in steemit world.

  6. A. X.
    A. X. says:

    We need to start talking in Satoshi's not in BTC — This could counter-balance the dampening effect of Futures in the short run, and encourage mass adoption in the long run.

  7. wetpaint6565
    wetpaint6565 says:

    G'day Michael, thanks for the great info mate. I recommend everyone learn to HODL especially those new to this unbelievable market. I've been in it since June and i'd be sooo much better off now had someone explained to me the importance of HODLING. Thanks also to CANYA for the chance to win a custom "CANYA LEDGER NANO S". What a great idea… Remember everyone, we're in this really early so…HODL,HODL,HODL.

  8. RJ Miller
    RJ Miller says:

    I’d love your vids. I’ve been watching other crypto bids for 2 years daily and recently found yours and your good. I especially appreciate that you freely admit when you were wrong. That says a lot about your integrity.

    Please consider doing a video about how many jobs have been created in the entire crypto space in the last year or 2….heck even the last 6 months. I mean the whole space directly and indirectly created jobs, even part time. the wallets like Mycelium or the hardware wallets and the website developers and maintenance guys. Developers and marketing researchers and funding people for all the new apps and Dapps, just wallets alone must be huge, Coinbase can’t hire people fast enough, and Coinbase is just an easy example, they are all hiring. what about all the jobs related to mining from graphics cards and to ASIC miners to the developers of mining gear and customer support and even indirect job creation like the delivery guy driving the trucks…there must be a lot of Secondary and 3rd layer jobs being created because of crypto. (These are good jobs and they pay income tax, and potentially might even change the economy of countries in significant ways, lowering the unemployment rate by 5% or over time 20% sounds nice….please see the value in creating content about the employment benefits of this emerging technology.
    What about all the people making money on YouTube, that’s income and counts towards a job even if it’s a side job.

    All the exchanges and sites going up. I wonder how many people are employed manufacturing at Nvidia because of the mining boom. What about security software, and of course one of the most in demand jobs are computer developers and specifically developers with block chain experience.

    When universities are having new programs both at under grad and graduate level. All indicators to help people see if the space is still growing.
    Really we have no idea how many jobs have been created in the crypto space directly and in directly. How about the jobs expected to be created in the next year and then next 2 years, help students decide what to study and where jobs will be needed.

    Sorry this is so long, but because your vids transcend into macro economics, the benefits to employment is something that has not really been covered with any depth. It could help change the negative stereotypes surrounding crypto by describing all the new honest jobs people are able to get and help the economy and feed their families. (And they pay income tax too)

    The longer Bitcoin stays around or above $10k more and more new start ups will have taken roots with then economy becoming interdependent with Bitcoin and crypto. Maybe there already is enough new jobs created related to crypto.

    Please make a vid about this…
    PS everything I wrote wasn’t planned, just off the cuff This will help the ecosystem and get you more subscribers.
    Whether it’s you Boxminer or another channel…even a few channels can cover this topic and re examine how many new jobs have been created (or lost) every few months.


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