3 key ways blockchain could change radiology forever

2. Improve education

Blockchain technology could make an impact on radiology trainees as well, helping instructors monitor the progress of their students and track their development over time. Verde et al. added that it could also be used for the opposite purpose: assessing “faculty member competencies.”

3. Lead to better research

Creating massive databases of imaging data is crucial for the development of radiomics and AI applications, the authors observed, and it’s an especially difficult task for researchers.  

“Blockchain could be used to solve some of these challenges,” they wrote “Firstly, this technology could provide a reliable method for management of patient consent to image sharing between institutions and a way to guarantee the possibility of retraction of such consent at any time. This knowledge, in turn, may aid in obtaining patient acceptance as they would rightly empowered in the management of personal data.”

Blockchain could also help such databases become safe and secure, the team added.

“Although blockchain is in its infancy, we should become aware of this ground-breaking technology and of its many potential applications in healthcare, including medical data storage, distribution, and protection,” the authors wrote.

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