Year End Cash Out Turns Market Red | Buying Opportunity?

The markets are showing a strong dip into the Red as investors appear to be moving their investments to USDT and Ripple (XRP) or cashing out all together.

This was an expected move to be made, and not really a sign of anything worth panicking over. At this time the market seems to be presenting a buying opportunity, or a HOLD scenario depending on your personal position.


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  1. Nick Collishaw
    Nick Collishaw says:

    Mainstream media in the states trying to manipulate as they always do. Thankfully enough have awakened to their globalist game that favours the central banks, that they elected Trump and will not always fall for the propaganda, like when the tv networks say Bitcoin is dead. People aint buying their shit. Bitcoin is back in it!

  2. Damon A
    Damon A says:

    they want our BTC, limited supply, as Altcoinbuzz said, why start futures etc. they want control, and as we only invest what we are prepared to lose we buy on the dips and if we can't just HODL

  3. hector gutierrez
    hector gutierrez says:

    BITCOIN is the AND should remain like the GOLD of CRYPTOS.
    We need a center not CONSUMEBALE coin (BITCOIN) to structure the TRANSITION to the brand NEW CRYPTO ECONOMY..
    IF we give RIPPLE that pivotal place is like giving them (BANKSTERS) the power of controlling AGAIN the value of CURRENCIES.
    Back to slavary.
    On the CHESS GAME of WORLD ECONOMY (POWER CONTROL) this is the KING (BITCOIN) to protect right now…….to WIN THE GAME.

  4. Otto Nomicus
    Otto Nomicus says:

    I'm now avoiding btc buys, after yesterday buying at 12900 and barely managing to get out at 12950 later. I've also seen some graph analysis vids which seem to show that a drop to about $8k would not be surprising.

  5. Sean Vilandry
    Sean Vilandry says:

    Good time to buy the next couple weeks it looks like.  People cashing out for holidays and year end, I expect a bump end of January from people getting in with tax money and some post holiday industry news.  I just go in myself a few weeks ago when it was high, I think I bought LTC at $326, luckily I took your advice and waited and watched and ended up buying again at $206 and $225.  Also wondering if people are wanting to trade with more ETH and LTC since the BTC fees are pretty high right now.

  6. stevenawelch
    stevenawelch says:

    We Aussies love your work mate, thanks for your great videos that keep up informed and help make sensible trades. I was wondering about your thoughts on WandX, it's just finished ICO only trading on ED atm with a very low market cap (5mill when circ supply is added on cmc) and an interesting project. Thanks again, happy new year!!

  7. Michael Wartman
    Michael Wartman says:

    Just want to swing by and let everyone know that I am HLDING and not being a pansy. Thanks Altcoin Buzz for showing me why putting your emotions aside, and being patient will pay off.

  8. Diego
    Diego says:

    Hey man, ypu should take a look on Zoin a privacy coin with a lot of room to grow, awesome low supply and marketcap, an active comunity and team also

  9. Jit M
    Jit M says:

    Jeff @altcoinbuzz do you have any input on ZCoin? There has been some mixed input out there lately about it compared to ZCash, is it still a good investment at this price point?

  10. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Selling before year end makes ZERO sense in ALL cases. Why would you sell at a low just to have to pay taxes on any profits THIS year? Keep seeling IDIOTS

  11. Travis Gardipy
    Travis Gardipy says:

    picked up UTRUST today , they showed great strength on a very strong red market day . they are bellow 30 cents ….they look very promising and in the top gainers under the trending tap in coin market cap page


    get over to Cryptopia with your LTC and load the boat with Embercoin (EMB)… It's hundreds of a thousandths of a cent and could easily hit 1 cent.. The Dev team released a new wallet that fixes a number of issues.. I'm staking 230 Million… All because there's a bunch of stupid whales that are dumping for petty profits..

  13. John Michael
    John Michael says:

    Hey Guys… would love your opinion on XLM and the potential association with Fairx…(hence the spike) love what I am researching… Game Changer for all involved?

  14. Scott Liu
    Scott Liu says:

    Based on USDT and the shadiness of it, if I was to dump BTC, I wouldn't personally dump into Tether, I prefer to turn to ETH then go back in to BTC. That's just me

  15. Joe Flanagan
    Joe Flanagan says:

    Just bought some bread (BRD). The token is not very appealing but the actual company definitely is. Looks really undervalued considering it's actual platform has a chance to take over coinbase in 2018. What do you guys think? At an all-time low right now


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