Spectre – Trading Platform on the Blockchain

Blockchain can be used for many things and can disrupt many industries. Today we interview Kay from Spectre. They are building a trading platform and prediction market on the blockchain. What do you think of this blockchain use case? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

***This is a sponsored interview. I have reserved the rights to give my personal opinion and ask independent questions. This is not financial advice. Please do your thorough independent research***

Website: https://spectre.ai
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GjkGkw7IfwUVuPiWxctD4g
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Spectre_ai/
Medium: https://medium.com/teamspectreai
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spectrepage/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpectreAI
Bitcoin Talk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2169122.msg21737652


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  1. Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson says:

    Could you please let us know the terms of the sponsorship… I love your content but I think for transparency it would be nice to know if the sponsor has, for example, asked that you don't say anything negative about their product. Releasing this information would allow us to evaluate the products fairly.

  2. Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith says:

    Good interview. And I personally am cool with you doing sponsored content so long as you keep disclosing it's sponsored and don't let it affect your analysis (while that might be hard your personal reputation is far more important then getting some one off payment but I'm sure you know that). And really drill these guys with questions when you get this opportunity to do so. This guy seemed to respond well and seems to really give a shit about this field and his platform so Spectre's looking quite interesting to me.

  3. oompacabra
    oompacabra says:

    there is already an actively developed project & token called called Spectre. These amateurs with no working proto show how little they know about the crypto community simply by the use of the name. I wouldn't invest in anyone so clueless.

  4. Kirk Gosik
    Kirk Gosik says:

    Hi Ivan, thanks for all the great work you are doing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies! I went to a talk on interledger(interledger.org) the other day. Would you be able to do a review on that? I would love to get your take on it. I think it sounds really promising. Making cross chain payments seamless could be a game changer in my opinion

  5. Lex Raand
    Lex Raand says:

    They are talking about forex brokers yet building a solution for crypto, wtf? So many established or known competition there already, etherdelta, 0x, ethfinex and raidex coming only most known.

  6. Neil Turner
    Neil Turner says:

    I would prefer if you said no to sponsored content. Short term it's good for your financially, but it devalues your brand as a content creator. Thank you for being honest about it though.

  7. Mark Santarina
    Mark Santarina says:

    Wow Ivan how did you find this guy! I've been looking for this spectre project for a while now and ive already tried their platform its really good as a broker I really think that this is a game charger, blockchain integrated trading platforms is the future. Dont miss this ICO guys

  8. Fidez Ustradiz
    Fidez Ustradiz says:

    China is investing aggressively in quantum computing technology and that means any blockchain base on cryptology can be easily hacked. They must have had some breakthrough that is why they have lost interest in cryptocurrency potential in the near future.

  9. Noom
    Noom says:

    People need to realize this is how EtherDelta works too, and need to stop shitting all over it because they simply dont understand how smart contracts work

  10. Saboli ozfix
    Saboli ozfix says:

    This seems like a legit project! Ivan, can you please check out/interview the Electroneum project/team and do an in-depth analysis/questioning! Alot of people are exited about this project, many think (inc myself) that Electroneum will bring insane amounts of new people to the crypto-space. Almost 310k registred users already (their blockchain will go online 1 nov and alot of exchanges are intrested). Essentially their mobile mining app (mobile mining experince) will lower the technical entry level to the crypto space, anyone with a smartphone will be able to earn crypto thus join all the exchanges that lists ETN.

  11. Vibratron XL
    Vibratron XL says:

    …………..Honest trading?……..if so, it will be the first time in human history, I've been trading for 30 yrs, if this is accurate, it will be the first honest platform that has ever existed….


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