LISK Top Altcoin Cryptocurrency To Buy in December Through 2018?

Lisk is my top altcoin heading into December 2017 through to 2018. Sure that could change, but I am very excited about the future of Lisk.


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  1. Johnny Bytheway
    Johnny Bytheway says:

    Lisk is so undervalue as of now. Slowly but surely I'm accumulating more lisks in the future because the team is putting so much time on producing quality work rather than quantity. I have so much belief in their young team with so much innovation to bring lisk to whole new level once their SDK is out next year of February.

  2. Jester Posthumus
    Jester Posthumus says:

    Hello people, 

    Does anybody know how long it can take for a lisk transaction before it is completed?

    I send my brother yesterday a small amount of lisk (just 1) but he did not get it in his wallet even not today. It is gone out of my wallet 7198154811345861553L and in my 'withdraw history' it says that the transaction is completed. I was just wondering if anybody knows how long it can take, or I've I lost the lisk somewhere.

    Thank you,

  3. Christian Breitung
    Christian Breitung says:

    Lisk so early at 10 Dollar WITHOUT Rebranding WITHOUT Lisk Core 1.0 WITHOUT Lisk 1.0 SDK… Guys you can buy even at 10 Dollars, now i see Lisk at February 2018 at a price of at least 30 Dollars !!!


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