Cryptocurrency Market Recap – Over Half A Trillion Dollar Market Cap

The Market capitalization of cryptocurrency has exceeded half a trillion dollars and there are some interesting dynamic shaping up with Korea and Japan, that you may be able to capitalize on by understanding the investment behaviors in those markets.


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  1. Dylan Yeandle
    Dylan Yeandle says:

    Please tell me your thought process on why your ripple prediction is only at $1.00 when the market cap hits 1T.. It's .75c now so hoping it will be much higher than that..

  2. jimmi izzy
    jimmi izzy says:

    Market cap is kind of funny because when the trading volume of the day is selling for a certain price, they just multiply all of the coins by that amount and call it the market cap and everybody thinks that's what all the coins are worth. I don't think so.
    The trading volume for Bitcoin that day is about 5% of the total volume available to trade.
    If the total volume was available, then you would really see where that would put the market cap. Granted, I have no idea what I'm talking about, but this is just a thought I was having as I was thinking about the numbers.

  3. SebastianAsian
    SebastianAsian says:

    Korean market is going to the end. You know koreans are the fastest in the world for jumping on the trend while many americans have no clue what the heck bitcoin is. High schoolers are doing it too and media is talking about its risk everyday. I say few months at the max. Shit, i sent money to coinbase and it took 5 days to show up. In korea? 3 seconds like txt messaging. We dont need those coins since banking system is far superior than U.S. its pretty much gamble.

  4. Alvin Manning
    Alvin Manning says:

    As fast as the cryptocurrency market moves, it would be nice if I wasn't being bottlenecked by Coinbase. Thank you for constantly staying up-to-date on altcoins, I have a nice list based on your (and others) recommendations that I can't wait to establish a position in.


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