Will Bitcoin Soar ?!?!

Will Bitcoin soar after people return from the Chinese New Year Holidays?

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  1. Tripod
    Tripod says:

    with btc still being volitile i've become bullish with neo as a long term hodl for the future…i've researched neo further and am really sad i didn't go into it when i saw it last august…live and learn. i still think its a great hold for the future.

  2. L.A. Truong
    L.A. Truong says:

    There's some people who are highly credible in the crypto community (sorry I can't provide names, I forgot them) who believe this upcoming spring is going to be another bull for crypto. Others think a second bubble might form and then pop even further.
    I just want to know what your thoughts are on this.

  3. Chaffee Hurlant
    Chaffee Hurlant says:

    Bitcoin and crypto are dead. No one is talking about them. It's on no one's mind. No one is preparing to buy any more. There are no new projects. People don't want to learn about crypto. There's not a single Millenial who is interested in it. Everybody just wants to concentrate on the old system. I am much more comfortable with Wall Street because the Bankers have deep DEEP control over it. I am much more comfortable with regular fiat money because they can print thousands, upon millions, upon billions of it. I like the old stuff. I can make gains of 1% or 2% a year. That's the trend. That's where everything is going. You heard it here first.

  4. Amanda Ackland
    Amanda Ackland says:

    Iot chain ITC This is a no brainer. Cutting edge Tech (DAG), expedentially growing market (IOT), biggest iot producer (China), Low MC, Low Supply, huge VC investments (Hashed and FBG), partners in targeted areas (Lighting and Chip manufacturer. Operating Systemwhich makes it easy for all business to implement. Keeps linked iot devices secure from attacks through nodes(Lights), segregates DATA and gives back to the rightful owner. This coin currently is not marketed to the west, is on no big exchanges. DAG technology is being implemented by few projects and the ones that are, are worth 100s of millions or multi billion $ projects. in 6 months this company will be worth well over a $1 billion placing the coin value at between $25 – $70 (currently $2.80. Really look at this one

    Also the team is excellent and it just won awards at the world economic forum, the team claims to be 6 months ahead of schedule, yellow paper is out, open source, over 12K members on telegram, medium is very active, git hub has over 10,000 lines of code.

    Love to know your thoughts

  5. ramesh singh
    ramesh singh says:

    Hello friends if anyone big heart people i need to pay for food for my sister and mom any donation will help..i am a farmer 6 months no money ,off season
    Btc address- 13EGgZUStiE1kQGsKXpQUjixA4syGajsDj
    eth address- 0x67972a59DeEb61EF803e5cc67E71F08A4A2842fB

    thank you whoever donated me .

  6. USBitcoinServices.Com
    USBitcoinServices.Com says:

    Hi Boxmining! nice video, I think bitcoin will soar again! and will show to negative people how big it is! it is going up slowly but steady. On the other hand, altcoins are also recovering their positions, and privacy coins are doing the same, It is very important to invest in these coins Dash, Monero or DeepOnion. 2018 is the year of privacy coins with solid foundations!

  7. Dave G
    Dave G says:

    As usual, the most intelligent video Ive watched today. You Rock Michael.

    Also, thanks for the Polymath tip the other day. I think that coin is going to have an impressive year!

  8. Paresh Rathod
    Paresh Rathod says:

    Out-of-context question:
    Clif High said today his analysis says, "EOS is as promising as ETH or even more with rollout, a strong competitor" (Clif High 19Feb2018 to Crypto Blood Youtube)

    Why EOS is very low priced? Anyone knows – when EOS starts to rise or any price predictions by end of 2018? Is it a good buy at this stage?

  9. Arthur Pug
    Arthur Pug says:

    Great video, you're obviously well qualified to comment on short term price technical analysis and linking it to the Chinese horoscope is simply brilliant.


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