Top Four Altcoin Cryptocurrency in 2018!

Here is a list of my Top four altcoin cryptocurrency heading into 2018. Lisk, IOTA, Ripple and Electroneum. This is not financial advice rather my opinion about what I feel are strong options in the cryptocurrency space for multiple investors.


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  1. Navroz Hussain
    Navroz Hussain says:

    IMO Digibyte (DGB) is Bitcoin on Steroids, at this price it's a steal of a deal right now! Just pretend that the year is 2008 and you can tell the future and the price of Bitcoin is about how much DGB cost right now a mere nickel!!! This is the future coin guys! Buy while it's under rated and cheap!

  2. Market Cap Whale
    Market Cap Whale says:

    I think Funfair FUN could be a real money maker. Also look into Enjin Coin EJN they have some big things coming for the gaming world! Both are available on Binance so I forked my handsome verge profits into them hoping to find gold!

  3. Ken Russo
    Ken Russo says:

    I remain firm in my belief that your purchase of some Electroneum (ETN)
    tokens will prove to be one of the best moves in the crypto space right
    now. I own 300,000 ETN which I bought at $0.01 ($3000) and could have
    sold for a 10X return ($30000) but I have not sold a single one. I would
    not be surprised to see this coin hit $1 to $2 in the near future (1 to
    3 months) and continue to grow much stronger ($20 to $30) in 6 to 12
    months and beyond. Stay informed by doing an "Electroneum" YouTube
    search. If you have already purchased some ETN I hope you will sign the
    petition to list Electroneum on the Bittrex exchange. Here is the

  4. ZedsterX
    ZedsterX says:

    Man I think it's funny you talk about Ripple so much. I was at the initial give away and was given 50K Ripple the day it went live. Back then it was a joke coin (still is in many ways) but I am not sad I kept up on where it was.

  5. mike da bomb
    mike da bomb says:

    Do you still stand by ETN? i went through hell to get onto Cryptopia and placed my order. In the interim the McAfee announcement came through and instead of paying $.08 I ended up paying $.10. I can't catch a break. Hoping for a big return. What is your timeline for growth? Love your videos. Keep up the great work and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  6. Great Gama
    Great Gama says:

    I have digged deep and found a low risk/high reward project called ColossusTX, only at 60sats!!! It is one hell of project! An upgraded fork of PIVX with PoS Protocol 3.0, Masternodes, Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism, SeeSaw reward mechanism, energy-saving and are VERY community driven. Most importantly it is a PRIVACY COIN, and despite being in its infant stage, the rise of Colossus is going to be greater than the rise of Verge! Mark my words and do your own research.


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