Top Five Trending Coins To Watch In October

What do you all think about these picks? Are you bullish or bearish on any of them? Got a favorite I didn’t mention? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!



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  1. Hina Mensey
    Hina Mensey says:

    I am not exactly sure about top 5 because for me only number 1 matters. Right now, that position is hold by Cryptonetix, so that’s why they are my choice without any major thinking. One will understand why I say that when they visit it and see the concept, it is MUST thing in the future for this industry, so they are sure shot to grow. #Cryptonetix

  2. Manuel Fernandez
    Manuel Fernandez says:

    That new token is cool for its novelty, but at the end of the day we have to come up with the money! — can't use it if you don't have funds for it.. better invest in profit sharing exchanges like Coss , Safex, or Flyp…. currently COSS coin is getting a pay out this weekend and every week. The other two are still in ico phase.

  3. Samantha Jane
    Samantha Jane says:

    Glad to see you are supporting ARK. I noticed that back in July and did not buy but have it now, on the recent pull back, last month. I was very excited to pick up NEO in the teens and also feel that is a long term hold. I don't think I 'm even going to trade on these ones because I believe they are also headed for some really high numbers, just like NEO and Eth.

  4. Kiyan Harrell
    Kiyan Harrell says:

    Keep waiting for you to talk about WTC man, have you not noticed the project yet?! I hope you haven't been writing it off as a pump n dump because of it being among the huge % daily gainers. It's a real long termer in the league of OMG and I truly believe will go beyond OMG within a month at least by the end of the year. Walton Chain is skyrocketting and not gunna dump anytime soon. Maybe slight dips but no real corrections cuz even at it's current $8.20 valuation from $2.20 5-6 days ago and $1.40 the week previous, it's still way off it's real market value and it's still ONLY trading on Binance!! If you just read up on the project you'll see what I mean man. People need to know about this. I've always followed the 101 trading tips when it comes to playing around with currencies since I got lucky off my passion for BTC but after always keeping majority BTC and the rest OMG/NAV i'm now all in with WTC and very pleased with the results. You gotta let people know man. Happy trading.

  5. delores yaerler
    delores yaerler says:

    🔥🔥FIRST blockchain-based loans platform?? Thank you. ONX is a Unique project. Small float and great management team. I agree this coin could be in the single digit in months and double-digit in 2018. Please PM me, need to know when will you broadcast ONX

  6. Kenneth Moore
    Kenneth Moore says:

    The biggest coin in October is going to be AEON. Plain and simple. Just look at how fast it's climbing already. If people want to do anonymous transactions with their cellphones AEON is the best coin. Monero people working on the coin. Slam dunk. I'm putting all my money in.

  7. Rishi Prasad
    Rishi Prasad says:

    What is the best way to avoid ridicolous fees? Right now, if I understand it correctly, the funnel goes

    1. Buy crypto on Coinbase with fiat currency
    2. Transfer to another exchange such as Bittrex (fee #1)
    3. Trade on Bittrex
    4. When you want to liquify/withdraw funds and turn back into fiat, you have to exchange back into Coinbase (fee #2) and then from Coinbase into your bank account (fee # 3?)

  8. Mourad Ahmed
    Mourad Ahmed says:

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  9. Ozkan B
    Ozkan B says:

    Thanks for the video, but how can I swing trade with crypto? Until now I always bought from coinbase and transferred to the bittrex exchange. But if I want to make use of stop loss and take profit, which platform should I use for that. Thanks in advance. Btw your videos are extremely helpful and a source of motivation for me.


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