Bitcoin Price Bounces Back! Crypto Coin News vs Google, BTC at G20 – Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin bounces back following this weekends retracement. Mattie is also taking a look at how Facebook’s crypto might boost BTC’s price, CCN shutting down due to Google changing its algorithm, and positive G20 meeting for crypto.
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#Bitcoin bounces back to trade above $8000

Why #Facebook ‘s Cryptocurrency will boost BTC!

Positive #G20 Meeting for Crypto:

BTC Millionaire planning to resurrect $20k BTC

CCN is Shutting Down after Google’s June 2019 Core Update

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14 replies
  1. ercrypto 74
    ercrypto 74 says:

    I’m celebrating the closure of CCN. The guy running it was an idiot not realising that he should have leveraged on the crypto community rather than alienating it by being a major FUD article machine. Others be ware.

  2. Daniel C. Pearson
    Daniel C. Pearson says:

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  3. Allen D21
    Allen D21 says:

    I think this Finman so called crypto millionaire was lucky when he found BTC but plain stupid when he said BTC was dead. And now that bitcoin is rising again he is going to save it, WTF?


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