Cryptocurrency Investor Mindset Should Prepare for Bear Market and Bull Market

As with all things in life. There are peaks. That includes a peak in the stock market, cryptocurrency Market, corporate growth, your physical fitness. Understanding that these things exist, doesnt take away from the pain, but it makes it easier to make the best of the circumstances. In the case of crypto investing, you can hope for the bull but should also be prepared for the bear. In developing this mindset, you can make the best out of the market circumstances.


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  1. BigGouf
    BigGouf says:

    My fav low-cap sleepers ATMChain $ATM and Bottos $BTO. ATM is like China & Neo's version of ADA; BTO is network protocol for AI. Both have a working beta and/or use case.

  2. Андрей Листопадов
    Андрей Листопадов says:

    Good day. TokenGo is an innovative platform for the future.
    TokenGo is a blocking platform for the tokenization of business offering a fair reward system for its participants, united in a local community of existing and potential investors, as well as experts in the field of crypto-currency investments.

  3. arrowfactor
    arrowfactor says:

    Nobody knows if its going up down or what. All that said these coins are going to moon ? They dont know that. Thing is , if your trying to make money and you have kept your positions in this down fall you are not investing you are losing. You buy and when it gets high and starts to fall , cash out ! Then buy back in at a lower price. Buy at 1.00 and down to 0.20 and still holding is not smart. Set a tight stop loss. You can always buy back in. The market will come back up. But be smart and take profits , not losses. And dont listen to anyone that says a coing is going to moon, that just sounds stupid and they dont know what is going on !! Trade smart

  4. AddWP
    AddWP says:

    I was in a marines special operations platoon and basically was in Iraq for 3 years straight doing raids and getting into firefights all the time. I went out with a seal team regularly and overcoming shitty times is key. I remember not showering for a freaking month and eating 2 shitty MREs per week while doing recon on a position with one other guy. It was freaking awful…little did I know one of my best friends who went out at the same time as me for his recon assignment would be stuck in his position for over 6 months without a damn shower or hot meal (we were not allowed to heat up the MREs that we had while out).

    People here in the US don't even know what hard work is these days. I work full time for 45 hours each week and take 7 college courses. I wake up at 4:00am every day to make crypto videos, workout, work on my other online business, and do homework all before starting my day job at. I come home and do more homework until around 10pm each night, and do it all over again the next day. Does it suck? Yeah. Does it pay off in the long run? Big time.

  5. M. Ibrahim
    M. Ibrahim says:

    Thanks for your video Jeff it was really great like the other vids, I am wondering why the people are scared and shaking like a leaves right now I mean if they are not having responsibility, courage and patient why they are pushing themselves to this its all about money and we all do everything to make tons of money but it doesn't work like this but the channels, news and the media always brings the bright side and hide the truth its like stock market if you are not prepared and armed enough with education you cant compete with the big heads I am reading lot of reports and news and watching channels about this new tech and still regard myself an ignorant as compared to others so how anyone who know nothing come and jump in the ocean and try to swim to the land without any tools or knowledge, I hope you keep posting your vids and tweets to unleash the truth and facts.

  6. Aaron Day
    Aaron Day says:

    There's been a lot of investment lately by the big banks, including blockchain related patents. So I'm wondering if the markets are being manipulated so the banking and investments sectors can invest at a huge discount. In any case, there has been A LOT of positive news lately that points to some nice gains in the near future. So whatever you do, don't sell!
    Thanks for the great content and attitude Jeff!


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