Undervalued Low Cap Altcoins Heading into February 2018

Here is a look at some of the top undervalued altcoins I have on my radar heading into February 2018. I like the coins with a market cap below $100 million as a matter of reference. Although there are many altcoins up near the top 20 that are in nice buying ranges, I chose to go with some undervalued coins with some interesting projects.


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  1. kommi1974
    kommi1974 says:

    Jeff, I'm here to apologize for my negative behavior and some comments I've made here and there over the last few months. Long-story short and full disclosure – I have Bipolar and it was a rough few months. I'm working on being more positive and am happy to be subbed to your channel. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!

  2. Ian Campbell
    Ian Campbell says:

    Iota did not get hacked. There was a fake iota site made to generate iota wallet seeds and people got their funds stolen from hose wallets. Iota did NOT get hacked!

  3. Andy Lau
    Andy Lau says:

    Thank you for the content and keep up the good work senpai!! Forget the negatives, like they say if no ones talking rubbish about you then your doin anything, peace!

  4. JuicyVeganDwarf
    JuicyVeganDwarf says:

    Hi altcoin buzz, I watch your vids and pick up a lot. I wondered if you could do a video that would appeal to many new people in the space. Something along the lines of a $500 starting portfolio based on todays date. If you only had $500 to start playing with where you would invest and how you would look to trade on each.

    I only started recently and my portfolio is over 4figures but still very small and relatively low risk in terms of most people in cryptos. I am sure I would find huge benefit from such a video as would many of your other viewers. Thanks man 🙂

  5. Ronnie LaRue
    Ronnie LaRue says:


    Bottos is the future of artificial intelligence. Former CMO of NEO is the founder of BTO. They have a substantial following in China, and Asia in general, but not so much in the West yet. As their marketing improves in the West and when China reverses crypto laws, this WILL MOON.

    Draper Dragon Fund – Owned by Tim Draper, billionaire and one of the most famous Venture Capital investors, recently invested in Bottos & Huawei (Mobile and multi-networking company in China which brought in $75 BILLION in revenue in 2016) is a partner of Bottos. Upon visiting Huawei's site, a top story is "A new era for industry [artifical intelligence]".

     Do your research, this will be HUGE and it's 26 cents and GROWING daily. Invest in the future not shitcoins

  6. Scatpack Mustang
    Scatpack Mustang says:

    I did think that the pot coins would be better. Since the US government can just take there money and they can’t put the money in a bank for a pot business. You’d think the stores would turn to crypto to hold the money.

  7. Z F
    Z F says:

    Iota's wallet wasn't hacked. People used an online generator to create their wallet seed, so basically gave it away to some con artists. It's like giving some random person the keys to your car and expecting them not to steal it. There are bad people out there, keep your seeds safe peeps.


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