McAfee and the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

John McAfee’s pick of the day has led to serious amounts of fear of missing out (FOMO). Unfortunately hackers found a way to hack into his twitter account and use it to pump certain coins. All this has shown that it is necessary to deal with FOMO and research the fundamentals of a coin.

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  1. Ash Vecchio
    Ash Vecchio says:

    Wraith was delayed again. Basically, the new 3.0 wallet they just released is a UI upgrade (albeit a nice one) and the integration of IRC. I dig Sunerok though and you can tell he's passionate about verge. Box, are you doing any programming for blockchain projects? My partners and I have a project we'd like to discuss with you.

  2. hqef
    hqef says:

    Hes just trying to pump his own coins cheaply by using noob idiots (think desperate housewife that has no technical clue and has gone to the "school of hard knocks" and has it posted on her about on facebook.

    How can he "believe" in 30 different coins? Obvious scam. Just remember what a cloggy piece of shit McAfee anti-virus was. Only people that were complete trash in using a computer used that sort of program. And about his Twitter: "My account is hacked", LMFAO plausible deniability. Just look up the documentary on Netflix, he likes eating girls feces for fucks sake.

  3. NotSo
    NotSo says:

    mcafee turned verge and other coins into a FUD fest. he screwed up one of the most potential coins by misusing and manipulating short sighted and gready ppl.


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