Dash Price Continues to Surge – Bitcoin of Privacy Coins?

Dash is proofing to be bullet proof in this current market dynamic as it continues to surge.


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  1. Danster82
    Danster82 says:

    Its not so much the privacy feature thats just a little extra. Its the DAO aspect huge self funding aspect that creates a self reinforcing spiral. Thinking this is to do with privacy is a misunderstanding.

  2. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    Dash is great as you can see on the amount of haters… But IOTA will do everything better. I guess there is a place for both, and right now Dash is working well which IOTA isn't.

    What I do think is that Dash will bash the alt-Bitcoin coins, and make way for Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Stellar and IOTA.

  3. S B
    S B says:

    Man i love your videos. Helped me a lot in the past and always good content. Keep on brother, you derserve 10x more subs . Brofist from germany.👊


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