$1,000 in Cryptocurrency Forked into Altcoins

Here is a video on how you could consider investing in cryptocurrency by diversifying into altcoins. This is more of a 6 month investment strategy instead of a day traders dream.


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  1. Lindsay Mahone
    Lindsay Mahone says:

    The recent dip in the crypto economy just only underlines how much important it is to really understand the pros and cons of this relatively new digital market. As for me, I never have to worry my head like y'all are doing for the past few days because I have inside information on which alt coin or ico to invest in and which ones to trade off for another from my tutor Aleksandar Popov. He helped me manouveur the current dip in crypto-currencies or the market regulation as some would call it so well that I only lost a bit of my profits instead I traded off for coins with better prospects for the future. He's been so wonderful and professional that I just have to show my appreciation by putting you guys on to him so you can enjoy his exclusive offers and professionalism too. Go talk to him on Skype "Aleksandar Grujic Popov" and check out his official page at guru.com/freelancers/Aleksandar-popov-1. Join the train now! Don't lose more money and investments!

  2. Jimmy Stewart
    Jimmy Stewart says:

    What platform do you use to purchase these altcoins? I live in the United States. I would like to purchase alt coins but don't really know where to. I use coinbase currently and a ledger nano

  3. Jeff 2121
    Jeff 2121 says:

    I am using coinbase, and they are only limiting my debit card to 100.00. How can I fund coinbase with 1000.00 dollars off my debit card? Or is there another outfit out there that i should be using?

  4. Dammak Aziz
    Dammak Aziz says:

    Hey everyone and merry Christmas, I'm a beginner here in this crypto currency thing and all I have now is 40$… I've already lost 8 after making a transaction idk why tho… Anyways, do you recommend I start trading on iq option or should I buy and hold coins from different sites like bittrex and binance.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  5. Deek Douglas
    Deek Douglas says:

    from a technical stand point personally dropping btc was very disappointing. it has opened my eyes to new opportunity though and while financially doing good this holiday period, what I've learned as a new trader has been worth so much more. you're 100% right in that it isn't for the faint of heart and you can't let your emotions lead you a stray or blind you from your goals. followed you a little while now and you definitely earned my sub +1 Merry Christmas.

  6. Shubhendu Shekhar Singh
    Shubhendu Shekhar Singh says:

    Why not just buy lite coin from certain exchange with ur local currency and then transfer to whatever exchange from where u want to buy other coins and then exchange LTC with BTC and then use that BTC to buy any altcoin.

  7. Wisky Tom
    Wisky Tom says:

    Hey guys…Ripple XRP that is used [0.0004] per transaction will be replaced by the XRP NOT currently in supply. The Circulating in use will NOT increase

  8. Wisky Tom
    Wisky Tom says:

    Anyone reading this should be very concerned about the Cryptocurrency Markets, but only if you've done stupid, and invested more money in the market than you can afford to lose. If NOT, chill. And enjoy the ride.

    Met someone today who just handed her notice in at JPMorgan – Guess why? 🙂

  9. Cole King
    Cole King says:

    I purchased BLUE @ around 0.003 and i was sooo close to selling the whole lot when it decided to go ape shit and climb the trees. I knew and believed in the white paper sooo much soo that i had to read it again to convince myself not to sell my "Precious BLUE" wishing i brought another $300 or so back then. Wow. #BLUE #HERETOSTAY

  10. Crypto Galaxy X
    Crypto Galaxy X says:

    put the 1000$ into Capp and do it quick!!! sorry to fomo you but i got in at .02. its .03 and i can see it going to 1$ to 2$. you would get 30 to 60 times profit. or put it all in to Dragonchain. pretty sure 1000$ will net 20 to 50k in a year

  11. Yang Anai
    Yang Anai says:

    Merry Christmas Jeff…Thanks for you sharing ..As a student i don t have so much money invest into cryptocurrency but i am trying to invest with 100~200 USD every month ,so can you give me and some poor student as me any recommend with LOW LOW budget Investment ..Thanks

  12. Johan
    Johan says:

    I just got my BTC back since almost a week, sent during the peak fees. Now I could send them to an exch. for a fraction of what it should have costed last time. Fees back to normal for now. They will go into Eth and Alts instantly

  13. John Silver
    John Silver says:

    Altcoin Buzz… Jeff, I'd pay a subscription to follow you. You should tell people how to donate for your help. If someone makes $5k off your insights, they would be kind to send some cash your way. I would at least.

  14. Badgerman C
    Badgerman C says:

    Hey Jeff, new here. You caught my ear when you speak of long term. I'm coming from the stock exchanges and would like to know what do you consider long term for cryptocurrencies?

  15. andy  jensen
    andy jensen says:

    Hey Altcoin buzz, can you make a video: HOW and WHEN to fork profit into new altcoins? Im starting to get some good fundamental Strategies, but im really in doubt when to take profit and fork it into something else?

  16. Alexandru Gavrilescu
    Alexandru Gavrilescu says:

    I hold 52% BTC, 27% ETH, 21% LTC of my portfolio, I am looking into some altcoins, mainly ADA, SUB and XRP, do you think I should change some of my BTC into altcoins or it would be better for now to just keep what I have? Almost forget to say I really love your videos

  17. Navang Oza
    Navang Oza says:

    I'm on Gemini and Binance, Bittrex isn't taking new customer ATM…many of the investments I'd like to get into aren't available on Binance…what other exchanges are best to use in the United States?


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