Bitcoin Bull Run To $20,000 As Investors Take Profit on Altcoins?

It appears as though Bitcoin is getting ready to run again as investors take profit on their altcoins and put money into Bitcoin driving Bitcoin to $20,000.


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  1. Tanmay Garg
    Tanmay Garg says:

    That's where all traders come in. All those having a day job can't do this flip flop or will loose focus. That's why all these share markets crypto markets are just gambling which I have been doing lately 😛

  2. Christopher Vincent
    Christopher Vincent says:

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  3. david -z-
    david -z- says:

    Поткине биткоин в долг до 2022 года верну в рублях или в доларах плиз


  4. Ondrej Pisoja
    Ondrej Pisoja says:

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  5. Christopher Richards
    Christopher Richards says:

    What software do you use to record your pc screen and web cams? I saw in one video that you went and paid for the software to enable a feature… either way I am trying to record the pc screen and webcam at the same time. Can you please recommend some good software?

  6. Martin J Falls
    Martin J Falls says:

    you have some good points but i think your wrong on Litecoin, i think this time people are goin gto pump money into Litecoin and Bitcoin, cause people know that Litecoin is going to 3-4-5000 by end of 2018.

    The people that sell could lose out. We got big fish in the game now, the dynamics have changed

  7. APN Films
    APN Films says:

    Dog do live so I can just follow you exactly real time haha. I bought ripple today at like almost $1 like an absolute noob. You told us to do that in the opposite and I didn't listen at all lol.

  8. Donald Aguirre
    Donald Aguirre says:

    Jeff here's a question for you. You say in your videos we should be thinking about getting a bitcoin and that you're looking at forking gains to btc when the conversion works in your favor. My question is, do you fork into eth? You've said that eth moves slow, but it moves. I've been mainly using eth to buy other crypto. I've gotten gains and thrown it back to eth. What are your thoughts? Maybe make a video on this? Appreciate what you do.

  9. Anthony Castillo
    Anthony Castillo says:

    Hey im new to the cryptocurrency and i want to invest but i don't have the money right now of anyone is willing to help me out any will do thanks in advance

  10. Steve KTT
    Steve KTT says:

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  11. Billy Birdy
    Billy Birdy says:

    Talking in cents doesn't make sense. If you sell an ALT for a USD profit but the sell price is less in BTC than what you've bought it for you're behind.

    Use Binance and it gives the price of all ALTS in USD and BTC.

  12. Billy Birdy
    Billy Birdy says:

    Next BTC bull run could see LTC back to 0.01. It was on a fast downward spiral in the last hr until the short BTC run slowed down. Dropped to 0.0135 dam quick.

  13. Daniel Kelso
    Daniel Kelso says:

    Damn!!! I took a look at my portfolio about three hours ago…. Up $600. I punched the air in triumph… Checked an hour later…. Down $1200…. I thought some awful news must have befallen Crypto world…. But nothing… Its bounced back to where the day started. Curse this unpredictable market!!! It’s pure speculation. You know, people say this is a bubble… They say it like it’s wisdom… But of course it’s a bubble. Nearly all of these companies are absolutely worthless. Novel solutions looking for a problem. But in bubbles are opportunities, so I’ll enjoy the ride while the hysteria lasts.


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