Altcoins News – ICO’s are securities – SEC, crypto backed by Gold, Kosher Altcoin BitCoen

ICO’s are securities – SEC, Banks on BTC, 7,500 BTC still missing, First crypto backed by Gold, Kosher Altcoin BitCoen

“ICOs represent the most pervasive, open and notorious violation of federal securities laws since the Code of Hammurabi” – commissioner for the SEC
What do national and big banks still think of BTC going into 2018
$72 million worth of BTC still missing
BitCoen is the a Kosher coin for the Jewish community

Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency market has continued to boom, with the overall market cap crossing the $300 bln mark this weekend.

Lemonade man still looking for his BTC

AuX Tokens, the world’s first cyrptocurrency to be uniquely backed by production of physical gold that will continue to accrue to the AuX Token gold reserve.

British company BitCoen is opening up an international blockchain market to help interaction between representatives of the Jewish communities around the world


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  1. BUILD 1x
    BUILD 1x says:

    Securities are a bit sketchy in the altcoin market because most ICOs are pre product and the tokens are not being used as a utility yet, so they are dubbed a security. The SEC could crack down on all these ICO tokens that sell to non-accredited investors in the US. If the product is live and the "ERC20 token" or other ICO token is being used as a utility on a product then it is okay. However, this is rarely the case. Do you have any insight or opinion on the crazy BS that the SEC might pull on these ICO's? Are you worried about the SEC shutting down any ICO's that haven't been compliant?

  2. D R
    D R says:

    Hey, I'm part of a discord group that is able to signal when massive pumps for different crypto currencies are happening. There are a lot of people in this group with a lot of knowledge as well who I have learnt so much from! feel free to join… for free! Its on discord:


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