What Will It Take To Send Bitcoin To The Moon Again?

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41 replies
  1. Jay Dee
    Jay Dee says:

    We are in a crypto bull market. Pullbacks are to be expected and healthy so BITCOIN will not drop below its current level – too many buy orders as mass adoption is hitting new levels and people can smell $20,000 Bitcoin by end of this year and $40,000+ BTC in 2020.

  2. Yulian Golodnykh
    Yulian Golodnykh says:

    As screwed up as it sounds, I'd love to see the fed cut interest rates and continue to load up their balance sheet. Let's get that 30% rally. I'm a sucker for a good deal so when it all comes down I'll be there ready to scoop up as much as I possibly can 😂

  3. Ride
    Ride says:

    Regarding Bitmax and wash trading the thing is that Bitmax tokens are locked for a lot of people still and the only way to unlock them is volume on the exchange so they wash trade like retards in order to unlock their tokens xD
    Regarding the defi movement i think that nash ( $NEX) will be the one who nails it this year and for the years to come.
    Regarding bringing more people into the space my best guess is something like Travala ( $AVA) which actually took something tested and known to people like a loyalty rewards program and tokenized it while accepting all major cryptocurrency's as native payments and the smaller ones via CoinGate and of course fiat.

  4. erikisbaum
    erikisbaum says:

    I feel the next economic crisis will drive crypto adoption. plane and simple. Fed cant keep the game going forever. CLO's will be the cause. To much DEBT. Junk bonds

  5. Storm Trooper
    Storm Trooper says:

    First thing to do is shut off all dialogue on bitcoins and alts. Take the summer off. You don’t need to follow a five minute chart. Take a look once a month. Enjoy life. Buy add buy orders and hit the beach. Live life shit this down just a bunch of nonsense guesswork. See you guys in September I’ll enjoy my summer. No stress 😎 chilling.

  6. James Daly
    James Daly says:

    Nicholas, I’m a recovering alcoholic (11 years….it’s not as hard as anyone imagines) and the analogy of these markets to addiction is spot on. I frequently say that the Fed seems to think the cure for heroin addiction is more heroin. The result of more and more heroin is always death. That day will come.

  7. Stef
    Stef says:

    Guys: very easy and straight fwd question to ALL OF YOU:
    "How many of u have bought BTC and did transactions/payments with it??"

    How can be used as currency something purely speculative since 99% of all of us, has bought BTC and hopes it goes higher.

    I love crypto but I can't see BTC replacing real currency since, when I spend EUR/USD, I don't regret do in it… What about BTC??

  8. marky365
    marky365 says:

    To address the main topic of the video, it's something I've been a little skeptical about recently. It seems like everybody invested in crypto at the moment is extremely confident we're going to at least 100k in the future. But not a lot of people are talking about WHY and HOW we might get there. We need NEW buyers in the space to actually get going, not the same community of hodlers perpetuating longstanding hopes and beliefs. Don't get me wrong, I am a long-term believer too, but the extreme confidence since this parabolic move happened makes me a little nervous.

  9. Yellow John
    Yellow John says:

    listen, I still have some crypto but I sold a majority of it after a 2x gain. I think crypto is going to do well in a "good" economy when we can hope that it will be 100x in 10 years. BUT when everyone catches wind of the fact that our economy is dog crap, no one will be willing to take a chance on something that is so volatile, with low adoption, in hopes of gains in 10 years. NO ONE. the recent slump in stocks and bond yields is revealing where the true safety lies – precious metals. I fear that cryptos will be the first thing to be liquidated when the crap hits the fan and unemployment goes way up.

  10. misterschneebly
    misterschneebly says:

    Bitmax is doing transaction mining on stable pairs only. They ban washtrading. Please do your research before asuming wash trading and telling people to not use bitmax. little disapointing tbh!

  11. omega180984
    omega180984 says:

    regarding the PAX/USDT trading: I know many people that trade stablecoins because they pump/dump from time to time a little and with the difference they can make some money…. but this volume is amazing… you are right, that it is not normal!

  12. marky365
    marky365 says:

    I'm in the same boat as you Nick, patiently waiting to add in a big way. Rational investors have had to resist FOMOing in for quite some time now. We have to believe in the TA and what we know is likely to happen based on history. Thanks again for all the great analysis!

  13. Martin Long
    Martin Long says:

    Great info. and discussion topics. I have a question about INS it is a small cap and room to grow. When it was INS ecosystems it had multiple enterprise partnerships with eastern European corps.. After rebranding they have just been adding code getting ready for mainet. Could this be a sleeping giant?

  14. Keith Tompkins
    Keith Tompkins says:

    Nothing is going anyplace until Reg's are in place, ETF's get approval and Fidelity, BAKKT, Etrade, Blackrock etc. have launched. For anyone to think we are running without these things in place are wrong. These last two BTC dumps in a small market are a simple means of killing the market until the above happens. "They" the establishment with the money will not let it happen without their investors getting in at low prices. They have been and are still accumulating including manipulation of the market. Do not kid yourself when things are in place and the big boy's are ready to come in will prices rise so they and their investors will benefit most!" Does anyone really think "they" will come on board when BTC sits at 20+ and beyond? Not likely! Do as they do buy the dip, HODL, Cost average and play their game when they flash crash the retail sector….

  15. MrSajDiddy
    MrSajDiddy says:

    If my dad can buy and use Bitcoin easily that will be a first step. Right now you have to do like 8 things to get started, worry about fluctuations, and remember his nano password lol.


    When the retirement funds and mortgage backed bonds start to tank there will be lots of crazy old men trying to get in in a rush. I'll be there as a private otc desk to local rich old men when they cry out for btc. We'll see similar things to the cash for gold adverts we saw in 2008, but for btc


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