Daily Update (3/10/2018) | Bitcoin rebounds and Vitalik introduces Plasma Cash

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35 replies
  1. LP
    LP says:

    Great Update!! I really enjoy it. Please do a complete video on Ontology and by the way do you have any reviews on Arcblock (ABT)? Thanks!

  2. Vivian Gray
    Vivian Gray says:

    I hope none of you added a position at $12k when Nick suggested it. It must've hurt like hell to see it drop to $6k knowing you could have gotten double for your money. We are in a bear market and I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin dropped to $5k. But Nick will never admit that until it's too late because he has a stake in this game like the rest of us. His viewers look to him for answers and it's not in his best financial interest to EVER be bearish on Bitcoin. So take him with a grain of salt.

  3. dinosaurperson
    dinosaurperson says:

    this guy is nearly ignoring the down trend. he always talks about how were about to go higher, and just gives a brief mention that we MIGHT go down. we are going down hard, stop ignoring this fact. he is overly biased for bull market. coin mastery has no bias

  4. Common Sense
    Common Sense says:

    Great video as always Nick!
    Have a look into blocksquare (the ethereum of real estate)
    Getting ALOT of attention and considering buying. Thoughts?
    Also would love a video on plasma!

  5. Ryan Hankins
    Ryan Hankins says:

    What do you think about the newer Chinese emerging coins in the crypto-space? There is HPB, BBN, ELA, CPC, ITC, and MANY others. I currently feel this "untapped" space has some very promising projects and provides an opportunity for some very undervalued cryptos compared to the rest of the market. Better yet, it seems that some of these are even creating partnerships up front (HPB / CPC / BBN)

  6. Oliver P
    Oliver P says:

    Is Cardano $ADA paying you for this promo?? If you start to compare the price today with the ATH from january and tell us it is cheap then every coin is cheap (on this base we could even talk about TRON as an exceptional buy offer) #staySerious

  7. frickos11
    frickos11 says:

    hello and thanks for the video 🙂 i also hear a lot about Nucleus Vision (NCASH). what are you guys thinking about that? Nucleus Vision is pretty new and it feels like it can be a nice run there over time. im gonna research more on it. so what are you guys think here ??

  8. Alexander B.
    Alexander B. says:

    Guys check out Substratum network for decentralized web! Amazing team and community as well as an awesome tech!Listed at Binance and has a very interesting roadmap, take a look for yourself! It could change peoples
    lives 🙂

  9. auerbach821
    auerbach821 says:

    I dont know, I think you are too much optimistic on bitcoin, Nick. Its no longer about fuds, its the depression angle, you mentionted on the psychological chart of WS.

  10. Brian Coriell
    Brian Coriell says:

    I love your daily updates!! It's don't feasible yo do them everyday but it'd be cool with me if you could find someone, somewhere, with the same knowledgability and passion o
    To do daily updates for you on your day off, week off, whatever. Love your all your videos dude!


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