Top 5 Coins to Watch in August | Litecoin, Stratis, & more!

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  1. David Addison
    David Addison says:

    Looking over old videos of yours… You were big on Mysterium, Litecoin and Stratis, all three of which 6 weeks later are significantly below their value as of late July. Just my observation – it seems most of the videos you produce show excitement and support for the coin you're covering, but you have no consistency WRT your track record of successful coins. Not trying to hate, just an observation that's important to point out when 38k people are watching your videos in hopes of making money on their investments.

  2. James Lance
    James Lance says:

    1337 coin will most likely go up by 10x-100x this year mark my word.

    1. New website
    2. New store for games
    3. Supporting minecraft
    4. Folding for charity
    5. Stake2Play
    6. 1337 store
    7. POW

  3. Crypto Freedom
    Crypto Freedom says:

    Good picks currently up 3 fold with NEO (Antshares). Safe exchange coin also looks like a good investment although on the drop at the minute again after its wallet launch. But they do have its platform release within the next 3 months.

  4. Michael H.
    Michael H. says:

    i contacted NEXUS ico (social network). They told me they ARE planning to use SIA for storage soon (currently using google storage). This is good news for BOTH platforms. BTW buddy, GREAT list, this is the exact list im lookin at (except mysterium).


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