Bitcoin drops +10% | Are we finally in for the correction?

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  1. Jesper Jørgensen
    Jesper Jørgensen says:


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  2. TheMage00000
    TheMage00000 says:

    "I love Dash but I don't have any positions in it" is like "I love my wife, but I'm going with these alt-girls for now."
    That is exactly what is wrong with this system. You put your money where you can make a quick buck not in good quality.
    That is why you see big companies changing their strategy for short term gains instead of solid products.
    If you want to be part of the money revolution you need to change this too and invest in quality instead of quick gains.
    As for Dash, someday soon I hope, people will start to recognize what it is doing and the fact that it is severely undervalued. Once that happens Dash is all set to take a top 3 position on CMC and you will be invested in XRP and BSV.


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