Top Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2019

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2019 – grouped up from best to worst.
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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


38 replies
  1. dactylntrochee
    dactylntrochee says:


    Why would Coinbase have greater liquidity than Coinbase Pro?

    It seems to me that, when I used Coinbase, they did all their trading on GDAX. After a while on Coinbase, I switched to trading on GDAX for the favorable commission schedule (it was free for makers) and it was renamed Coinbase Pro.

    Are you saying that Coinbase is more likely to get my price than Coinbase Pro?

  2. Whaleologos
    Whaleologos says:

    Boxmining I've just ordered the new Ledger device, and I've never had one before. Can you make a security video on how to best store you sheet, both for me personally, but also for my mom so she can access the funds only in case I should get into an accident or something? I also don't use a VPN on my devices, because I'm not sure if they add security or rather gives more options to hackers.

  3. TrinidadLink Live Repairs
    TrinidadLink Live Repairs says:

    BITMEX is owned by the US Government.. FACT.. BITMEX is unfair and always goes off the price chart and always managed to liquidate almost every trade every time.. So all smaller accounts get eaten. The same trades with the same values on other leverage exchange works normal. EXCEPT BITMEX.. The trades there alone always gets wiped out.. Every time.. .. The US banned is citizens to keep their money theirs and take yours.. Do NOT USE BITMEX… You will know the top of the BULL RUN whenever BITMEX opens up to US Citizens.. To allow them to cash out and bring extra FIAT to their financial borders.. . Similar to what China is doing.. BITMEX STEALS.. STAY AWAY?!!!! FACT!!!

  4. Dina Anas
    Dina Anas says:

    I'm using a lot Graviex for micro cap coins listed there. Customers service is the fastest I've experienced so far specialy if you go on their Telegram, you'll be done in a matter of few minutes 😍

  5. dave knight
    dave knight says:

    excellent upload and idea box

    Bitstamp been very good (opened account in 2013), until recently,
    Their new kyc is a bit invasive for my taste & couldn't withdraw fiat to bank, no prob getting crypto out tho
    support has always been good.
    Opened a Mt Gox account at same time LOL

    coinbase annoyed me recently did two LTC withdraws
    1 was fast, 2nd was deliberate delay for 4/5days!

    haven't used Kucoin alot but their support was fast and good

  6. Laurens B.
    Laurens B. says:

    Bittrex, Bitfinex and Cryptopia is on this list and Bitstamp is not? Bitstamp is the exchange I would trust the most. More than Binance, Kraken or Coinbase

  7. Bjørn Andersen
    Bjørn Andersen says:

    Liquid has more volume then both Kraken, COinbase and bittrex which you list as tier 1 . They have great support, and one of the safest exchanges in the space, have to say its funny you dont mention it in tier 1.

  8. UXSpecialist
    UXSpecialist says:

    Bittrex will take your money/crypto and then block your account for no reason without ever telling you. I still have tons of bitcoin in Bittrex that I can't get out from there…


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