Live: Korean "Ban" / Kodak and Telegram ICO / Waves

ICO fever is at full swing with two mega icos are around the corner – Kodak and Telegram ICO. In this episode we’ll talk about safety tips and due diligence for ICOs. We’ll also look at something that people might of forgotten – the waves platform.

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  1. Eric Olofsson
    Eric Olofsson says:

    Watched in 2x on second screen so may not be verry accurate.
    Kodak ICO 6:15
    Kodak miner 11:30
    Are all icos scams/new tech rant/Crypto Bubble 14:00
    "Korea Fud news" 33:00
    Kina "banning" bitcoin mining 36:00
    Telegram ico 44:30
    Chat says market is crashing, Michel tries to calm down newbs 48:00
    Bad CNBC article /aka Michel get angry 54:00
    Michel starts to talk about waves but ending up shilling his own content 59:50
    Michel tries to talk about wave again, Chat says market is crashing, Michel tries to calm down newbs 1:04:30
    Waves token For reals this time 1:09:00
    Michel creates his second waves shitcoin 1:13:00
    Bitcoin grows by bubbles 1:27:00
    Enjin wallet and gaming 1:30:00
    Michel uses Lifeline:text a friend on a question 1:45:00
    People take offence because Michel "compared" neo to burger king 1:58:40
    Neo Devcon/ticket giveaway? 1:59:00 Yeah there is a givaway on the forums
    GUI rant 2:09:00
    Michel shilling his CrashTokens 2:22:00

    💪Donations CrashTokens :3PKuLexftfjFNC8xrNwQoVFGabyVucwHguG

  2. Александр Левский
    Александр Левский says:

    I will tell about one ICO under the name TokenGo. Very smart and perspective project from ambitious developers. The finite purpose – creation of own independent crypto platform. The road card is labeled, white paper read and understood that it is that project in which it is worth investing)

  3. Greg R.
    Greg R. says:

    Thx Michael, I’m going to rewatch this video every time we have a CRASH😀 Fortunately my Crashcoin will be making money when the crypto market is tanking.

  4. John G
    John G says:

    At the moment, it is almost impossible to compete with Chinese miners, if they shut them down, a great business opportunity for the rest of the world ! I will open a mine myself 🙂

  5. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    Micheal, what do you think about the ICO BitAir (BTCA)? Currently very low value and recently added to their first exchange HitBTC. Do you think that this project is one of its own in their branche? I'm new at ICO's, not on other crypto's. Their project/idea looks very good… appreciate your advice.

  6. jiang ji
    jiang ji says:

    great video, but don't reveal or say how much your money you have made in crypto man, before cryptocurrency if someone want to rob you, it's really hard, they can't force you to move your whole wealth to him, because it's protected by banks, or they need to call your mom to deliver cash. there are a lot of oppotunity for him to get caught, you can even get it back in some case. But for cryptocurrency, you have control over your whole crypto wealth, it's so much easier to rob you if they kidnap you, you will trade your private key for your life, and they don't have to contact your family to deliver the money, they don't have to deal with banks and can get everything from you in a minute, and no one can get it back, not even police.

  7. David Bowes
    David Bowes says:

    Personally, I don't get the least bit frustrated at the actions of others in the crypto space. If the majority sell, discounts will be available for limited time. Hold, and the price holds. Buy and the price goes up. Anything less than a 50% dip and I feel like a winner.

  8. Stacy Sullivan
    Stacy Sullivan says:

    As always generous with your time and knowledge! Thanks for having your videos. You really do have a calming effect and for me, it keeps me on the straight and narrow.

  9. Scott Barker
    Scott Barker says:

    Your video is way to long.  I would like it if you kept your videos to about 30 minutes or less.  I just skipped through it until I lost interest.  I like your shorter videos.


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