Crypto Trends to Watch in 2018 – What I find most fascinating

2018 is upon us and crypto is here to stay. With the new year, I’m incredibly interested in how the crypto world continues to develop. Here are five crypto trends that I think are extremely interesting, and will have a potentially significant impact in 2018…

5 Interesting Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch in 2018

1. Bitcoin and Ethereum Scaling – Can they do effectively scale or will competitors fill the gap
2. Decentralized Exchanges – Who will gain market share?
3. Privacy Coins
4. Institutional Money
5. Crypto Leaders – Will they leave? If so, what does this do

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  1. Dan D'Urban
    Dan D'Urban says:

    I've been trying to buy crypto on GDAX where the traded price is far lower than the price quoted on coinbase, but failed to register many times. Today I wanted to buy litecoin trading at $253 on GDAX but I was forced to buy on Coinbase quoted at
    $315.Also at that time, bitcoin was trading at around $14,000 on GDAX, but was being offered at $19,000 on coinbase. Since coinbase owns GDAX why the huge discrepancy?

  2. airhead81
    airhead81 says:

    Love your channel. I would like to hear your take on the 2018 tax changes in the US and how it might affect your trading practices, if you're comfortable talking about it publicly.

  3. Glennis Santiesteban
    Glennis Santiesteban says:

    Im new to bitcoin but i have notice is always toward the end of the years we see big moves , the beginning of the year is more about accumulating and finding good projects. Do you think history will repeat or we may see bigger acceleration since BTC gain more acceptance?

  4. Peter Bodnar
    Peter Bodnar says:

    I´m sure you´ve seen this before
    It´s a portfolio made in 1.1.2017 out of Top100 currency list from that time. Since then it grew up to 60times. It´s no surprise, because all crypto market cap has been pupmed up 35times since 1.1.2017. (18bil USD to 665bil USD)
    My question is: Is it possible to get such a growth in 2018, because it would mean that crypto market cap would grow to over 20 trillion USD, which is more than like NYSE and NASDAQ combined marekt cap.
    Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. Ricardo Costa
    Ricardo Costa says:

    What do you think in terms of cloud mining? Companies like Hashflare? Are they all scams? Is there a catch? Have you used any before?
    Love your videos man, I'm subed and receiving alerts, you're a very interesting guy keep it up.

  6. Skip Uldriks
    Skip Uldriks says:

    Broad public adoption will only be achieved when there is an easy on-off ramp AND we can buy our groceries at a big box store with cryptocurrency. Only then will ANY cryptocurrency achieve a stable growth / value worthy of long-term investment. I can't wait for that day for so many reasons, but mainly allowing us some control over our government (debt).

  7. Nick Giaimo
    Nick Giaimo says:

    I think for the general public, anonymous transactions aren't that important.

    I believe most people want a cryptocurrency that offers some of the following:
    – It's Easy to understand how to use and incentives
    – Secure in terms of hacking and future value
    – Low transaction fees and exchange fees (USD -> Bitcoin)
    – Available to use on Major Platforms

  8. TonyLittleNutz
    TonyLittleNutz says:

    Hey Crypto Bobby could you talk about the fee’s that these exchanges are charging. HitBtc charges more than 10% of my tokens just to transfer to another wallet. Is this normal for all exchanges?

  9. eddie c
    eddie c says:

    i guess it would be nice for people to talk about more then the latest crypto going to the moon. BUT…people like Charlie Lee and Vatalik are already rich from Crypto going to the moon. Im sure they thought about buying lambos before crypto made them wealthy. But i do understand the issue.

  10. Augusto Macedo
    Augusto Macedo says:

    Great work there Bobby! I expect 2018 the year of 3.0 crypto platforms such as Cardano and EOS, its going to be interesting to watch how Bitcoin and Etherium gonna solve scalability problems. This year we gonna see some huge guys coming to the picture, and privacy coins gonna jump, banks want a pice of the cake we just have to use it to empower the small guys (ourselves), Monero is the one to bet in my opinion (McAfee would say Verge so i'm out).

  11. PJ Fry
    PJ Fry says:

    Hey Bobby. I was listening via podcast and thought I would drop you a note with my thoughts regarding trends. I agree there will always be great value in privacy coins and you may be right that 1-2 coins rise to the top in popularity. But if privacy coins consolidate to just a few, a potential downside is that those trying to watch or breach that privacy have less work to do to monitor activity. If people really want privacy then there is value in having many privacy coin options, with different technologies. Dash, Zerocoin, Monero, DeepOnion, etc. all bring different things to the table and add value to the decentralized nature of the Privacy Sector. With the increased popularity of decentralized exchanges, it won’t be necessary to have just 1-2 coins. Currencies can be traded freely and across multiple technologies simply and efficiently.

  12. J stubbs
    J stubbs says:

    very interesting topic, which makes me ponder on the question who make's the decision's on bitcoin and it's future, is there a type of CEO or is it just down to the miners .

  13. knepala
    knepala says:

    In my opinion DEXes and privacy coins will be the biggest winners in the coming year. NVST (the token for the NVO DEX) and Deeponion (privacy coin) are by far my two biggest hodings. I believe both will be extremely succesfull.

  14. andre 2112
    andre 2112 says:

    Decentralized exchanges are a great idea, obviously. I tried etherdelta and I think that it does its work even if it's a little crappy.
    I agree with privacy coins, as McAfee said "They can't lose!". I bought Navcoin in September, after the big pump, and I'm staking right now with a raspberry pi. I hold some DeepOnion and managed to earn a good amount of them with the weekly airdrops.
    What about cryptoleaders? I think their work ends when the coin is distributed and well developed, by respecting decentralization philosofy they can't lead the project indefinitely.

  15. Diox Helper
    Diox Helper says:

    I agree on you in this video. I am very interested in privacy coins. In my country that means alot cause crypto in banned here. That's why I invested in Monero and in Zcash last year and still holding. I just cannot explain what I feel about their growth in this year:) Now I am looking disruptive competitors. I think I have found a gem. Deeponion 100% untracable and anonymous payments with biggest number of TOR nodes of all TOR based coins. One of the biggest crypto community and if they fullfill their roadmap I think they will override Monero. Please take a look in some of your videos I appreciate your opinion on this. Tnx

  16. Jefferson Dizon
    Jefferson Dizon says:

    Happy New Year Crypto Bobby, thanks for this awesome video. This video is really a big help for us beginners who wants to invest in cryptocurrency this year. I know I need to do a lot of research but with this, you give me a great idea how to start and what am I going to watch. I am interested in number 3 you listed which is the privacy coins.
    I already did some research and there’s a lot of privacy coins out there. All this project looks promising to me, but there is one project that caught my interest, the DeepOnion project. Lots of people talking like crazy about it saying that this project has a strong community behind and really great features that may become the future standards of cryptocurrency. Really appreciated if you make a video on it, I also want to know what’s your insight about that project. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  17. 3pezzi
    3pezzi says:

    good suggestions, in particular points number 2 – 3 – 4.
    decentralized exchanges will see more and more users adopting them if interface improve because many users feels it is still too complicated to trade on them.
    regarding ponint 3 i share the same opinion about the growing importance of privacy coins in 2018, it would be a smart move to add some in own portfolio of alts (i would add deeponion to your list 😉 ).
    last one regards the ability to spot alts were money will flow, not an easy task but obvious first answer would be xrp.. i would also check for universa since is a new starting project and rumors are that russian govs could directly invest in this project.. you know, buy on rumors and …

  18. Mr Ebenezar
    Mr Ebenezar says:

    I think you really hit the nail on the head with what is currently going on and is important in the crypto space right now. Personally the trend I think I am most excited about is probably the Privacy Coins. I've thought so even before McAfee started tweeting about them and Verge had the crazy run-up. But I am wondering if the top Privacy Crypto really will be one of the "giants" of today or if it will be some "newbie" that will soar in 2018?!

    I really like the tech behind Verge with TOR + I2P integration for security and anonymity of their users but it feels like I might have missed the boat after the recent 50x. So I've been asking myself if there might not be something even better out there, also using TOR integration?! What I found was a coin called DeepOnion which seems to be one of the most successful Airdrop coins that I've seen. The name caught me as catchy since it refers to the "Deep Web" and "Onion-sites", at least that was the connection I made. But what really made me thinking that this could be a contender in 2018 was the fact that it is really looking ahead. They are planning to release a feature called "VoteCentral" which is basically giving the community voting rights to the future development of the coin. With a strong community Deeponion could adapt and keep growing and it sounded like a very interesting concept in my mind. Also got something cool called "DeepVault" which is a file verification system that stores "file-hashes" as "fingerprints" on the Blockchain to ensure your files haven't been corrupted or altered in any way. Would love it if you have the time to look into DeepOnion and give your opinion on the matter.

    Do you have any plans to do a video featuring privacy coins, where you discuss the existing "giants" and maybe look at some up-and-comers?

  19. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    I think Ethereum will be able to scale, but I have no hopes for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin core developers and fanboys are totally insane in the belief that Bitcoin will always be king, and the Lightning Network will not solve the fact that Bitcoin's transaction fees and transaction times are horrible.

    We're down to Bitcoin dominance 36%, and eventually some other cryptoasset will take the #1 position, and then there is no reason what-so-ever to use Bitcoin. Something like Stellar, Raiblocks and IOTA can be used as the base coin on exchanges, and as Binance plans the radical change to go distributed, I doubt they will stay based on Bitcoin as that is just archaic. Changing to BNB seems logical, but it will not be popular. A USD-token might be most liked and Bitfinex has no problem to let people trade in USD even if they aren't allowed to transfer USD.

  20. Anastasios Zaverdinos
    Anastasios Zaverdinos says:

    Looking forward I think a real Topic of discussion is the dangers of cryptos……. IE Bitconnect and what the media around it is, possibly a ponzi, and if it is, what knock on effect it would have on the market cap, etc.

  21. Christopher_JL_
    Christopher_JL_ says:

    Zoin (ZOI) is the one to watch. Could grow as hard as verge and actually be worthy of it. Devs have been working on it for some time. Privacy coin with 30 mil market cap. MINEABLE with max 21 mil supply with masternodes. It’s got solid community as well


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