Why Developing smart-contracts is like the Nintendo Switch

Developing for smart-contracts is like making the newest gaming hardware – the Nintendo Switch. A lot of effort is put into making sure a contract is secure from hackers and into proof-reading a contract. What does it have to do with the Switch.. hint – hackers.

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  1. P Clay
    P Clay says:

    I have been following DeepOnion project which is a privacy based coin on the TOR network. They are in the process of implementing smart contracts, do you think DeepOnion has good potential as a result? They are also improving their code to move towards Segwit and DeepSend. I would like to know what your opinion on this is?

  2. patpitt
    patpitt says:

    But you can deploy a new smart contract that points to the old not? Will take a lot of time and it can also destroy your project if not done right.

  3. The Cryptonaut
    The Cryptonaut says:

    great analogy. I did know smart contracts couldn't be changed, does this mean dapps can't be changed? are dapps and smart contracts essentially the same thing? That is one thing that has confused me

  4. Roberto Candusio
    Roberto Candusio says:

    Nice videos Michael!
    However, I disagree with the statement that this issue impacts all the blockchains.
    In the EOS protocol, for example, under very specific circumstances, it is possible to fix the bug affecting the network. In EOS the code is not always the law. In EOS the “Intent of Code” is Law!

  5. Rock Howard
    Rock Howard says:

    I have always felt that turing complete smart contract languages are broken by design. There is a new generation of smart contract languages appearing (such as Scilla) that are not turing complete, oriented towards functional programming and specifically designed so that machine proofs are possible to verify the efficacy of the code. It is worth watching this space.

  6. max max
    max max says:

    Smart contracts can be updated in EOS. That's why EOS is more powerful and innovative than the rest. Boxmining is talking trash here when including EOS in this issue. Please do you research before making videos that are misleading.


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