Verge Partners with Pornhub | Here's my take

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46 replies
  1. Mick Malkemus, MS
    Mick Malkemus, MS says:

    Porn and crypto are not going away regardless of moral standings or support of government fake fiat. Seems like one more step in mass adoption to me. One may think that no one is paying for porn, but clearly someone is paying.

  2. nadj ben
    nadj ben says:

    look son….. To those who think Mindgeek somehow hurts Verge – read the article again.. For those who think Verge is now only a privacy option to merchants – You have to remember: Verge is privacy as a CHOICE Which means it doesn’t necessarily have to be a privacy option for the merchant interested in accepting XVG. XVG has been a payment option for other merchant sites before Mindgeek partnership even happened. To say simply because they allow to pay in Verge its now a “porn coin” is ridiculous. I can buy a DJI Phantom Drone, A Luxary Vehicle, or even an iPhone with XVG right now on several merchant sites that ACCEPT VERGE. I can walk into a restaurant and buy food right now w/ VERGE. I can buy services, like Secure VPN membership or buy the best hot sauce around with Verge. Why? Because it’s is a CURRENCY. Do you call Mastercard/Visa/PayPal porn processors because they accept adult entertainment purchases? Of course not – so stop the FUD. XVG is a currency, get that straight. It will continue to be a CURRENCY. It has applications for both PRIVATE and PUBLIC situations. If a company is audited for sale transactions obviously they want to be public in that scenario – it works both ways. Faster than BTC, Cheaper than BTC, and a huge community supporting it. No chargebacks, and literally costs 0.01 XVG per transaction – It’s a no brainer. XVG is the here and now – and the future. XVG is at a good point for buying right now – I would definitely suggest you guys do so while it is at this price! is a bargain week up!!!!!!!!!! is not a financial advice do your own research please good luck people.

  3. Jenny L
    Jenny L says:

    I agree with you on this. And it's really nice when men stand up against porn and shows a lot of integrity! ❤ Keep the videos coming (no pun)! I rarely swing trade anymore, so not as active in the community at the moment, but it's always a pleasure watching a few videos on your channel to catch up on things I haven't got the full story on or watch things that are especially interesting to me OR if I want the allmighthy DataDash's view on them 🙂

  4. buriedtoodeep
    buriedtoodeep says:

    Ima gonna hold my 100K XVG. The webcam industry is HUGE and the fastest growing internet porn sector in both China and Japan; a substitute for the GF experience because there is online interaction, hassle free. In the West more women than men seem to pay for porn to see exactly what turns them on. I've paid for Twistys just to watch a stunning woman dance. Face it, sometimes the free porn is just nasty and a turn off. You wouldn't watch it with your partner. All Mindgeek needs to do now is use it's influence to corner the adult toy market = big dollars!! You wouldn't buy your whips & chains from Ebay or Amazon unless you're shameless.

  5. JD LTD
    JD LTD says:

    Knowing BTC's path to adoption, its ironic you draw the line with XVG. Its evident your enthusiasm for privacy coins lack foresight concerning utilization. Hype not necessary but so is putting restrictions on an incomplete list of merchants. One did exist prior to Mindgeek's acceptance, so just don't use it there. The merits of a non pre-mined, privacy coin should override one POS. Where's your line on tenx merchants?

  6. Daniel John
    Daniel John says:

    Teledildonics will increase the amount of humans who pay for hardware, software, and content. Whether or not this causes a degradation to society will be decided by history. Also, don't knock it until you try it 🙂

  7. kMoe
    kMoe says:

    ha! Cryptos did not come to be business as usual. So bringing old thinking styles from the dying system will not help you in this space. The biggest businesses made the most unusual moves in their early lives. Im trusting verge purely because its an unusual move.

  8. Tamunotein Oribimaba
    Tamunotein Oribimaba says:

    Wow thanks for the views on this. How about helping a newbie like me review this upcoming ICO? As a result of lots of research recently on best ICOs to invest in, I found Delicia ICO ( interesting and very promising as they are applying blockchain and AI to solve the food wastage problem. Is there any advice you could give me?

  9. leslie535
    leslie535 says:

    You are in the convo for the best on youtube. Yo..but…you need to talk about FUSION! Potentially better tech than Wanchain (DJ is a genius). Yet market cap still 100MM after a pump!…Can be the best coin of 2018!!

  10. TheBrokeBrick
    TheBrokeBrick says:

    Agreed. It's garbage. $10million funding for…Porn? Lol…I'd be upset if I was a contributor. I think it's worse that they led crypto investors to believe it was some huge partnership that would revolutionize payments as we know it and open the doors wide open for crypto in mainstream use. Sure, if you want to see Betty down on her knees and pay for it without your wife knowing. I'd rather skip it altogether.

  11. BradsCrypto
    BradsCrypto says:

    Im optimistic in the way that other online ecommerce platforms will see this partnership and hopefully start looking into cryptocurrency adoption for themselves.

  12. Adil Ilyas
    Adil Ilyas says:

    Exactly my point.. Who pays for porn these days.. 1 in a million?.. Its not a negative but lack of positive by a huge margin vs the hype that was created.. Time for big correction..

  13. Scott Pugsley
    Scott Pugsley says:

    The question is whether the partnership will improve adoption by developing interfaces that simplify the purchase and use of crypto. I wish it was not in porn but the industry helped to innovate much of the internet. I'm staying away from XVG but hope they succeed.

  14. Crypto Curious
    Crypto Curious says:

    I think SpankChain has a much better use case. Knowing that the Porn Industry sets the standards for most things, I expect "sin" coins to do very well. Verge, at this point, doesn't fit into that category, though I expect a lot of fallout from those who know nothing, and only read headlines.

  15. Thor Leonhardsen
    Thor Leonhardsen says:

    I would not underestimate the impact this has for Verge. A lot of people are more often and frequently visiting this page than Amazon and Ebay (myself included). The PR and recognition factor this will have for this coin is actually vast. I`ve been wrong before though.

  16. Jeff N
    Jeff N says:

    Can you have a look at Triwer too if you have some spare time? Token sale is starting May 15th, their Telegram exploded because of the airdrop, will it be any good? They want to change delivery parcels…

  17. armadillo fuckyou
    armadillo fuckyou says:

    I think you need a 2nd channel for personal philosophies on that porn comment

    spending years of vital brain development watching another man nail another women, on demand, every night – for extreme personal pleasure. wow i wonder what could go wrong with your brain there huh

  18. Joseph Strada
    Joseph Strada says:

    My man, thanks for speaking out against pornography! You're absolutely right. It's so harmful and has destroyed so many lives and relationships. Thanks for speaking out bro, love you even more.


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