Bitcoin Hits All Time HIGH and How to Trade Fiat-to-Crypto versus Crypto-to-Crypto

Bitcoin hits an all time high of OVER $4,500! What does this mean for the market moving forward? And what’s the difference between Fiat crypto conversions and BTC/ETH crypto conversions?

How should you structure your trading strategy, with the goal of getting a higher fiat portfolio balance? Or with the goal of accumulating more BTC or ETH?

Let’s discuss!

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11 replies
  1. M1ke22
    M1ke22 says:

    Interesting on the USDT angle. Good to know one can shelve cryptos into essentially a USD parity pair if the market tanks. Dont want to be forced to cash out.


  2. Manly Bryant
    Manly Bryant says:

    Crypto Bobby! — NEO has partnered up with ADX two days ago and it went from $0.36 – $.2.20 since then. It's still on the rise 🔥 🔥 🔥 check Bittrex bro! I bought 600 of them last night for $1.65 and already made a $300 GAIN 👊 😎 💰 — maybe you should do a video on ADX

  3. Sokarpwns
    Sokarpwns says:

    As a complete noob in Bitcoin with his first coinbase account this morning. What would be the fastest way to buy into BTC or ETH for moving some into OMG or the like? (wish I had jumped in years ago)


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