$130 MILL BTC Shorts Liquidated, 210 MILL Bitcoin Wallets, HUGE Safex Update!

Will Bitcoin break $9,000? One thing is for sure, Bitcoin’s price surge has rekt shorts. Bitcoin also sets new ALL-TIME HIGH in addresses holding more than 0.1 BTC. Mattie will also talk about SafeX’s marketplace testnet, Litecoin surging, and Ontology being listed on Crypto.com.
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Bitcoin’s [BTC] rise precipitates new all-time high rekts shorts; $131.4 million in shorts liquidated on BitMEX

Will BTC break $9000?

#Bitcoin Sets New All-Time High In Addresses Holding at Least 0.1 BTC

#SafeX Marketplace on TestNet

#Litecoin Surge – Halving Effect

Ontology ONT is now listed on the http://Crypto.com Wallet & Card App.

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