Tron Trade Follow Up!!

This is a follow up to the Tron Video I made talking about trading the position. In this video I explain what the overal trade strategy was. At the end of the day, this video was made because some audience members asked me to share a real life trade scenario as I identified a peak and an opportunity to take profit.


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  1. I like it Baby
    I like it Baby says:

    Ребят рекомендую крутой проект TokenGo. Лучшая баунти из всех реальных на данный момент. Всё быстро, удобно, а главное высокооплачиваемо.

  2. JAMES 008
    JAMES 008 says:

    On January 10th, there will be a brand NEW lending ICO. Round 1 will be selling at 0.9 cents, with a minimum of 30 tokens and a maximum of 1000 on round 1. Guys get in early, this coin wil earn you at least 25X or more when it hits the market. Please use my referral link, it will help me a little. Thank you.

  3. MDNupdates
    MDNupdates says:

    Great video! If I had have followed his trade I would be in a lot better position. I had a $100K+ retracement in profit HODLing through the ATH. I tried this with Ripple and screwed myself so I didn't pull the trigger this time. #LearningProcess

  4. C White
    C White says:

    Out of every $10 of trading volume, only $1 of fiat is being introduced. The rest is recycling other coins and their paper profits. Citibank did an analysis last week of the crypto market cap rise in 2017. They determined that only $10 billion of fresh fiat currency represented the rise while the rest was recycling other coins paper profits. They determined that, in order to support the market this year, approx. $25 billion of fresh fiat would be needed. Just to keep these paper profits in perspective. Only a fraction of us can get out with USD's at any given time.

  5. George Donnelly
    George Donnelly says:

    Dude, Jeff, seriously, there is nothing you can say to haters to get them to stop hating on you. And using your channel to rant against haters is tiresome for us fans who value what you do. Shift your mindset. The haters don't matter. Ignore them. Just give us fans more of the gold. I hope you understand this because this video was not pleasant to listen to.

  6. adam 2018
    adam 2018 says:

    This is one of the best channels for Crypto, and for educating Noobs on Crypto. lol @ $800 pump/dump on a 15 BILLION market cap coin loool thats hilarious if you understand fundamentals – thanx for breaking it down bro, and you have a great Strategy…i did what you did, bought in at 15 cents, and i sold at 25, i missed the 30 but i will buy back in if it goes below 20 cents because eventually it will go up when the projects roll in, but for you guys will LOADS of Tron, its better to just HODL, this Coin is going to be around for a long time


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