What You Should Know About Facebook's GlobalCoin (GLC)

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35 replies
  1. austinogg
    austinogg says:

    You guys really think btc isn't controlled by the same group as well? I mean when it went to 100$ and made the news the elites probably bought over 50% of supply be chump change to them… Don't forget how much the Bilderberg's control blockstream there funding comes straight from the 1% or this group… Bitcoin could just as easly be called FEDCoin ( just think about it if you were the federal reserve and you knew about bitcoin under 100$ what would your actions be? ) always follow the Bilderberg's and their influence on bitcoin to get to the truth

  2. Seaweed Deewaes
    Seaweed Deewaes says:

    Lol, though you were about to go mad fuckin crazy ! I gave up on warning ppl. It just starts a back and forth debate that goes nowhere. It's like they say,YOU CANT ARGUE WITH STUPID PPL.

  3. Exciting World Cryptos
    Exciting World Cryptos says:

    Hard to say on my opinion on GlobalCoin, in most cases, not a fan. It is going to be so controlled and top surveillance, yet most of the sheep will be following it, as it will be the new candy for everyone. Thanks for your info on it. AGain great video. Sincerely JR

  4. volerhaut
    volerhaut says:

    Perhaps people will find out about bitcoin thanks to this globalcoin. And then they will realise that they won’t be able to make money out of a stable coin so they will jump to bitcoin so that they don’t miss the train 😂

  5. TheTazman63
    TheTazman63 says:

    Another Sh!t stable coin we don't need. I got rid of fakebook and the last thing I want is one of their coins. The only good thing is that it will give exposure to BTC, but i fear it's not worth it. Thanks for the video.

  6. Michael Lefevers
    Michael Lefevers says:

    The elite are definitely trying to position themselves in a way to capture the sheep masses. What better way to control millions than to control their money. Hopefully ppl will learn the truth about decentralized methods and turn to Bitcoin in the end.

  7. muddi funstar
    muddi funstar says:

    Well it’s definitely up to us the crypto community to boycott anything like this that comes from these war happy manipulators of truth…. rally the truth troops!!!!

  8. Hapsard
    Hapsard says:

    It is perhaps just my cynical opinion of humans in general that if Zuckerberg makes something easy, that is what people will use no matter what is said in surveys. I think, if asked specifically, most people would say they want privacy and control, but day to day, they will always choose the path of least resistance/effort.

  9. hr 777
    hr 777 says:

    Globalist tower of babel 666 mark of the beast Satan's Monopoly coin of Fascist-Book, Probably run by the globalist new world order bank of world corporate centralized control. It is nothing more than A takeover attempt and destruction of your freedom to replace cryptocurrency with the globalist central slavery coin …..sounds about par for the course for them. Guaranteed Abuse. We have been warned.

  10. muddi funstar
    muddi funstar says:

    So yeah if you had any doubts at all about Facebook and other social media giants (YouTube, google, Twitter, Instagram) being in the pockets of the elite then forget those doubts. Wake up and start to be aware of the way this prison planet works, instead of a being a blind ignorant sheep casually strolling in a zombie like fashion towards the the slaughter house.

  11. jjose93
    jjose93 says:

    Facebook already in talks with Gemini n Coinbase!! Facebook mite bring more lite to Bitcoin, it's just how it is, can't have it all the way you we want it, sometimes just have to work together to advance if we dont there will be chaos n disruption!!!

  12. Discoveryourfemininepower
    Discoveryourfemininepower says:

    Yep.. This is what it is going to look like.. people want easy simple solutions and it is going to be this way. 99% of the ppl are stupid.. And uneducated about online security. Great video, you are showing how much you care. Also the last one. Sadly though.. It is heading that way to regulations and patents and apparently nobody on the innocent space has thought about it before…

  13. Edward Orem
    Edward Orem says:

    What's to worry: A Jew control freek goes to 3 Jewish bankster strongholds to decide how to make us further suffer. Hey, sign me up, n pass da fkkn pig-lard ammo.


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