China Bans ICOs – Live

Learning about whats happening


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  1. Johnny Allison
    Johnny Allison says:

    Is there any possibility that NEO Coins could be converted into company shares at a future date? This would seem to be a great way to solve a lot of the problems wrt bitcoins and NEO is very strong fundamentally since they already have a major foothold in the blockchain market.

  2. nole 89
    nole 89 says:

    I have a lot of respect for the box mining guy, but his emotional attachment to China is obscuring his objectivity. The Chinese have just screwed themselves. They could have clamped down in ico scams without taking such a heavy handed approach. As a result they just boot strapped themselves out of an emerging markets. The rest of the world will view Chinese Crypto as toxic for the foreseeable future.

  3. Stacked
    Stacked says:

    And why is nobody talking about this?: "as of the date of this announcement, trading platforms shall not conduct any exchange business between fiat money and virtual currencies, shall not provide information and price for virtual currency trading". (i copied this from an article in coindesk)

    Fuck the ban of ICO's this is what bothers me.

  4. Reaper_ EGA
    Reaper_ EGA says:

    Every one who is selling are not necessarily panic selling, they know the market is bombing so are selling so that they can rebuy at a new low and profit from it.

  5. Shinobi-1
    Shinobi-1 says:

    The lack of Professional Traders in space is the problem. Mostly Retail Traders in here running on speculation and panic. When the Big Boys get here its gonna be drastically different I suspect. All of this is to prepare the market for them. Thanks again Michael!!!

  6. M M
    M M says:

    Thank you for being a voice of calm and sanity. Too many people spread the FUD and cause further harm to the markets. You did call this the nuclear bomb of crypto which maybe a little too dramatic, but otherwise– good reporting.


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