Are You Day Trading or Investing in Cryptocurrency?

Are you trading cryptocurrency or investing in the blockchain for the long haul. I know many of you know you should be investing and not trying to trade your positions on short holds, but my advice would be to be more patient and not try to day trade so frequently.


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  1. Karen Cramer
    Karen Cramer says:

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  2. Sameer
    Sameer says:

    If you know what you are doing day trading is actually profitable. Day trading is not meant for everyone . Things will get ugly if you are investors and we have not seen that because all altcoins are flying left and right atm. Iam day trading and cashing out 1-2k every day right now . And I am loving this volatility .

  3. Zita Moore
    Zita Moore says:

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  4. Sparkshot
    Sparkshot says:

    Blockchain J? Really. Come on Jeff, 'Jeff from Altcoin Buzz' sounds cool and we all like it.

    'Blockchain J from Altcoin Buzz' sounds like a lame attempt at being cool.

    Jeff is cool.

    Blockchain J sounds seriously n00by and wannabe.

    Up to you!

  5. Koby
    Koby says:

    Day trader here, my strategy is to have money invested in few coins and then I check how much I'm making on the ones that are green, then I sell them if profit is good and I move that profit to the ones that are red and into other coins.

    You can also day trade in Gdax (better than Binance to day trade) all day long and make decent money if you know what you are doing.

  6. Eierdotter
    Eierdotter says:

    Is it really smart to only look at the green line ($) when comparing prices and checking if something made profits?
    On some of those positions if you bought before december you can see that the orange line (BTC) was higher then it is now, meaning that if you just held BTC instead of buying the Altcoin you would have made more profit in $.

  7. Kenneth Crackton
    Kenneth Crackton says:

    I do both.. Daytrading is fun.. But it's kinda just play money I do it with..

    You look at an all time chart and say a daytrader would panick when the price goes down 2 months later.. Then it's not daytrading 😛

    I don't sell at the dip, I buy more or wait.

    Why do you think a daytrader panicks and sell low all the time? If you loose more than you gain, you probably wouldn't keep on doing it

  8. Catie Lake
    Catie Lake says:

    Hate Blockchain J, sounds rubbish and untrustworthy like CryptoSmithy or something, you might as well be B-Diddy and throwing the moves like JRFinance. 😉

  9. Teo D
    Teo D says:

    Why not both?
    HTML coin –> bought @ 0.0007, 3 days later went to 0.0061 (8x), sold half of it. Once it had gone down I bough more @ 0.0039. Already back up to 0.0052.
    I don't have much money to start with so I need to multiply it as fast as possible ! I know it's a risk but….

    I also have some coins like Lumens, ADA, QST, APPC, SUB, IOTA, LEND, SNT, CND, OST, POWER, NULS and WABI which I'm keeping.

    Next… need to get on an ICO!

  10. chrisiden
    chrisiden says:

    blockchain J good show… do u know of Trader J? aka, Trader Boss? hes on the Jsnip4 show frequently…hes made some good calls recently… he loves litecoin and bitcoin to jupiter! 🙂 keep up the good work… and i think u do have a crystal ball !!! you say some very good information for us subs… happy crypto new year!

  11. tenacious645
    tenacious645 says:

    I'm day trading between a few. It's fun for me. I have a hybrid mentality though. If I'm in I refuse to sell for a loss. I only day trade when there's a profit to be made, and if I'm willing to hold long term I only sell off less than half and rebuy when it dips. I never sell all in case it does keep climbing

  12. God Pikin
    God Pikin says:

    Please what do you think about the future of Paccoin and Cann because I invested alot in those coins… I am looking at long term investment. Do you think they will moon in the future and what is the duration of months or years … I need help here dudes

  13. Xiaotian Guo
    Xiaotian Guo says:

    Stop pushing those shitcoins like Tron, Verge. To newbies, if you use this channel as a guide for investing cryptos, you would have a bigger chance to have your money locked up in those shit coins that this channel recommended. Do your own research and learn how to read the chart


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