4 Cryptos Ready to Spike? My picks

Looking for the next crypto about to take off in price? I give my thoughts on four cryptocurrencies that I think are ready for a strong upward price movement.

1. Ethereum (ETH) – I anticipate ETH moving strongly on Metropolis/Raiden and scaling improvements
2. Monero (XMR) – I anticipate privacy being an increasingly important crypto utility
3. 0x (ZRX) – I anticipate decentralized exchanges being more important as regulation increases
4. Monetha (MTH) – I anticipate Monetha spiking when added to a large exchange.

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28 replies
  1. Larry Salter
    Larry Salter says:

    Nice video, thanks. What about Verge? Another one focused on anonymity, especially with the new Wraight protocol. The coin is being added to two more exchanges very shortly. Thinking a good move up then and a great long-term hold.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Any thoughts on STEEM? Seems investors were burned by high initial inflation and this is usually the reason given not to invest. Inflation has since been resolved (9.5% per year dropping 0.5% each year) and it seems to be basing nicely. Activity on the platform seems to be gradually building too.

  3. Sonoma Takova
    Sonoma Takova says:

    The gov.institutions NSA ,CIA …… Is beck up by bankers !!!! Remember who control the money hi order the music !!:))the "deep state" world criminals have so many back doors is gonna make FALS flags to criminalizing all transactions like gold situation long time ago in US 🙂
    Free market ? My a$$
    If the criminals not control something they gonna make it illegal !!

  4. Sil Paglie
    Sil Paglie says:

    Hi Bobby , which trading platform do you recommend, I'm new to this, I'm on Coinbase, but they are taking a long time to connect with my bank, they also only trade 3 coins
    thank you

  5. David Barkman
    David Barkman says:

    Rob, recording in your car is actually one of the best places if you don't have a sound proof booth, lots of sound absorbing materials in there!  Get a better microphone and you have a new studio!  😀  Great video as always!

  6. marc combs
    marc combs says:

    It s almost always better as i can see to use ETH to buy other alts than to use BTC. The alt price in percentage is usually better with ETH, and BTC is too slow, bulky and expensive. Good practice is to buy alts with ETH and take profits from alts into BTC and put into cold storage. Works. And it feels good to have a pile of ETH ready to pop with more purchasing power for alts.


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