Daily Update (12/23/17) | Bitcoin rebounds strong after sell-off

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  1. Ki Acupuncture
    Ki Acupuncture says:

    Hi Nick, Thanks for all the effort you put into creating these video's. When you come to Australia, if you can detour via Canberra for a day or 2, we'd love to have you. Happy to put you up and play host while you're here. Canberra also has a small but enthusiastic crypto-community, I could organise a gathering quite easily.

  2. Anders Sylvest
    Anders Sylvest says:

    Nick, if you are traveling all that way, you need to visit scandinavia aswell! Just saying… 🙂 I would recommend after London, before Paris. If you need a helping hand, just say the word. You have a Danish viewer here, willing to help out. I live in Copenhagen, and could easily help you out finding a good spot in the city.

  3. Brent
    Brent says:

    Seriously you need to think about Colombia. I would not go to Venezuela due to the situation but Medellin Colombia is blowing up right now. You can get some latin American support and crypto is very important with inflationary fiat in South America. msg and I can tell you some groups that are down there to contact, some American crypto investors that live there too.

  4. Jeffrey Beacham
    Jeffrey Beacham says:

    Hey Nick, big fan! Good luck on the trip.

    I saw you mentioned Icon the other day. Can you do a short video on that one? The white paper is pretty dense, but it seems really neat.

  5. marloesje
    marloesje says:

    @DataDash:All the big Youtubers are talking about cryptocurrency adoption, yet only a mere handful are adopting it themselves. You need to sign up for BAT payments through the Brave browser: https://brave.com/creators/. As a Youtuber, this is what adoption should look like. Currently the only major Youtubers accepting Brave payments are: Boxmining, The Cryptoverse, The Crypto Lark and Cryptocurrency Australia. This is simply unacceptable! There is no excuse, Brave users are here ready to give you our money, Youtube demonetization is real, BAT is a project which you all love, and as the voice of crypto on Youtube you guys need to be on the forefront of this!

  6. a1
    a1 says:

    я всегда знал, что все системы имеют дыры!
    вот и с биткоином не обошлось без дырок…
    в чем суть бага я незнаю, но активно им пользуюсь досих пор)
    думаю сейчас уже можно рассказать как я вывел через множество кошельков
    12 бит коинов.
    вот волшебный номер QIWI от какого то багнутого обменника
    +79024787047 ( в комментариях указать номер вашего бит коин кошелька! ни чего больше! )
    отправлять надо 450 рублей, в ответ в течение суток на указанный вами кошелёк прилетает
    0.01 биткоина ( похоже в обменнике глюкнул курс обмена )
    я себе так навыводил 12 битков на разные кошельки, потом перевёл всё в 1 кошель)) сейчас уже отношусь к этому как к работе)
    надо брать пока не пофиксили)


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