Million Dollar Bitcoin By 2020? John McAfee Says So

The price of Bitcoin, is on its way up again as it closes in on $15,000 in December 2017. With some speculating a $40,000 Bitcoin by mid 2018. John McAfee says a million dollar Bitcoin by 2020.


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  1. MGTOW All the way
    MGTOW All the way says:

    WARNING – once the wall st mafia get hold of selling BTC derivitives, the game of daily price increases will collapse. Sell before this happens. If you don't know why I would say this, look at what they have done with gold. There is 7000 X more gold in gold derivaties than all the gold ever mined. They will flood the market with BTC contracts and fully expect that not everyone will ask for their BTC at the same time. Then, if the investor does request their BTC they will be given cash instead at a greatly reduced price.

  2. mrzack888
    mrzack888 says:

    US federal govt running higher deficit under Trump's budget. This means new money is coming in, in the amount of hundreds of billions of dollars or however high the annual deficit is going to be. US federal deficit is just money the federal govt printed into existence that it has not yet destroyed via taxation for that particular year.

  3. DSG
    DSG says:

    The problem with Bitcoin is people are buying it and holding it because of the profit, not the utility of the system.

    It's actually hard to buy bitcoin in many countries thats not a useful currency.

  4. Kevin Hager
    Kevin Hager says:

    Every wise investor know this is the time to mine more bitcoin or invest more on bitcoin now that is still $11,000 ,I agree with John McAfee when he say bitcoin will hit $1,000,000 someday,Do you have bitcoins? Do you know you can start EARNING MINIMUM OF 1.7btc.Its working for me and i decided to let you all know..Mr John Romney help me out with it here is his email address for interested folks

  5. R C
    R C says:

    There is going to be a massive shift in money when it comes to people’s wealth, this is one opportunity for the average joe to be a millionaire in the next 10 years without working your ass off, Like it was for the stock market in the early 1900s.grab this opportunity with both hands and enjoy the ride. With all the crypto currencies value going up, it will be worth more than all the fiat money in the world, fiat money will be irrelevant.

  6. Tom Greg
    Tom Greg says:

    Your market cap explanations are not valid, IMHO. For bitcoin to get that high there would have to be a simultaneous crash of the petrodollar and the US economy. Perhaps a nasty war over in east Asia could get things started…

  7. Molana Rumi
    Molana Rumi says:

    Don’t trust a word of John Maccafee . He owns a bitcoin mine and keeps promoting it fir his own good.
    Bitcoin is not and can not be a currency as it is too slow and unsafe and not practical. Hashgraph technology does same 50000 times faster and cheaper. Don’t fall for this hype unless you enjoy gambling with the money you can afford to lose.

  8. Nolan
    Nolan says:

    What happens to alt coins if bit coin bull run continues, because if you just hold bit coin you get better returns than buying alt coins which btc value decreases over time?

  9. Mike OZ
    Mike OZ says:

    I've been trading as a hobby for 36 yrs. One thing I have learnt…..NEVER listen to those who read from crystal balls! It always ends badly.


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