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European crypto-business specialist makes compliance simple

Regulatory compliance expert, Simone Domenico Casadei Bernardi, has launched his book, ‘Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy’. The title is the result of Casadei Bernardi’s extensive experience and knowledge in the crypto and FinTech sector, and the author makes light work of the complex nature of blockchain compliance.

Casadei Bernardi is uniquely positioned to help readers work through blockchain compliance as he consults across Europe, working both in the business advisory sector and the fast-paced blockchain sector. Not only is Casadei Bernardi a member of the International Compliance Association and Global Digital Finance, but he is also part of two projects seeking to support the wider adoption of stablecoins across the world.

‘Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy’ clearly sets out regulations relating to blockchain and demonstrates how you can utilize financial regulations as part your blockchain business growth. Blockchain sees the fusion of two separate elements – technology and finance – and Casadei Bernardi walks the reader through compliance, the best approach to compliance and the financial services regulations that impact activities in the US and the EU. ‘Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy’ also sets out the consequence of a breach and takes the reader through what happens when a regulator starts an investigation.

‘Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy’ is written in a clear way so that all readers can understand the content. Casadei Bernardi felt it was as important to write for beginners, laypersons and senior management who need to have a sound overview of the arena, as well as creating a ‘go-to’ handbook for compliance professionals and crypto-business’ owners and directors.

Simone Domenico Casadei Bernardi, author of ‘Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy’ said “Blockchain has exploded in recent years and it may feel as if its rapid evolution is out of our control. In fact, the very opposite is true. Regulatory compliance still stands and has never been more important. With such fast-moving developments, it’s critical to stay up to speed without being dragged down by over-complicated content. In my book, I have ensured that it is easy to understand what you need to be doing and why in terms of compliance.”

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