EPIC Bitcoin Price Manipulation??

The price of Bitcoin fell 20% overnight as one trader dropped the market with a 2k BTC sell order on Bitstamp. Let’s talk about why an order of this size on Bitstamp would effect the entire cryptocurrency market and if it means anything for you.

We also have a number of interview from Fluidity Summit, including IDEX, Dharma, Portis, Fitch Ventures and more! Sit back and enjoy!

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25 replies
  1. Max Lake
    Max Lake says:

    note how coinbase fell as well so the market sells were on stamp and coinbase… but no one mentions them because they are the deep state choice. coinbase can do no wrong. terrible for consumer – high fees but lets all support coinbase and never call them out. Lets bring down bitfinex and then binance and end up with just coinbase.

  2. Max Lake
    Max Lake says:

    in other words you get the leverage effect on bitstamp without the leverage benefits because they are going to eaither crash bitstamp or coinbase in order to liquidation position on mex… bitfinex looking better every day… after they got people to leave… pay attention to see how the herd the sheep. if you react to the news you get screwed.

  3. Max Lake
    Max Lake says:

    manipulation is jsut big orders that are designs to screw shorts / longs. Make no mistake they are hunting your entry price. no that and you will never talk about manipulation again.

  4. mwolfod
    mwolfod says:

    This ability of a few whales to game the market is NOT good for the future of Crypto. Perhaps this also goes on in the US stock markets, but it certainly is not talked about, so I would assume the effects are not as instantly dramatic, and the price drops not nearly as significant.

  5. hoastbeef
    hoastbeef says:

    The only solution is when there is enough money in the space that OG Bitcoin whales can't affect the price any more. AT best OG Bitcoin whales have Billions to play with, Wall Street had hundred of Trillions to play with. Let's see who wins.

  6. Mike
    Mike says:

    Got my 5 btc short originated at 8000 closed at 6500 on bitmex on the backs of the longs getting rekt. Then proceeded to buy 5 btc into the liquidations at 6400 and flipped it back to the market at 7300. For every loser there is a winner lol.

  7. Ian Smith
    Ian Smith says:

    I am still learning about cryptocurrency but have never seen anything like this (I watched it real time). It was starting to go down gradually and then instantly dropped like a rock followed by instantly going right back up like a rocket. I tried to buy but there was absolutely no time to do so.

  8. Simon DV
    Simon DV says:

    Bobby. To be honnest…..we all knew it would happen…. ATL shorts …we were hovering at 8k for 3days… whales moved btc to exchanges…. it was clear. I sold at 8k


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