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Support the stream: Join me for a special Crypto Happy Hour, with the homies from Crypto Street Podcast. It’s that time to kick back, enjoy a few beers and talk about the day’s happenings in the world of Bitcoin, cryptoassets and more.

Topics include:
Are ICOs dead?
More Mt Gox FUD
Tezos run up and drop

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  1. Frogger 251
    Frogger 251 says:

    Why would we not see several cycles? There’s still no mass adoption or use case. If we go to a crypto economy in the next 10 years or shouldn’t we not see 4-5 market cycles similar to this one shifting into longer term cycles 5-10 year bull runs with 1-2 year retracements averaging 8% just like the stock markets.

  2. Eddie Sanmyaku
    Eddie Sanmyaku says:

    When I decided to Invest in cryptos it was because of the Technology. I found the technolgy amazing, these Crypto blockchain technology will get rid of jobs like file clerks, lawyers, accountants, finacial services, any jobs that has to do with Large DaTa or Data stoarge. A.I. will set man free from your boring 9 to 5 job. it is the beginning of A.I. networks. In order for large A.I. networks to work we needed a trusted system that everybody could agree on and that's the blockchain. IBM already has on the sidelines new networking chips for blockchain A.I.. There smaller faster waste little energy.
    So I just dont get why you call Altcoins sh@$coins. I started hording the altcoins as much as I can, because it so obvious that a lot of these Cryptos maketcap will be worth in the trillons. I hold, I'am looking at the long term.I guess y'all are daytraders, but dont be shortsighted. Look at the big picture. I have my top coins; Theta, Stellar Lumen, Digibyte, Dent,Odyssey,mediblock, SNT,Ark, Pillar, Ada, pundix,Litecoin, ETC, dogecoin,and etc. The market is cheap right now, a buying opportunity. Lets see what happens this fourth quarter. This Technolgy is ready to expolde and I'm glad I invested early. Even if you invested in the all time high in Jan 2018 in bitcoin, ETH,Ripple, And etc. You still bought it cheap. You only lose if you sell, too many people think that if they buy crypto they will have lambo tomorrow, no think long term.


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